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Become a Volunteer Usher at the Alley Theatre

Did you know that all of the Alley Theatre’s ushers are volunteers? Ushering is a fun and easy way to get more involved with arts and culture in Houston and to see award-winning theatre for free!

The Alley is proud to have an incredible team of dedicated volunteers who work with us regularly each season. We depend on you to help serve the thousands of patrons who pass through our doors each year.

As an usher, you will help our patrons feel welcome and comfortable as they enter our theatre spaces to find their seats. Ushers have the responsibility of ensuring that Alley Theatre patrons have a safe experience during their visit.  All ushers are trained and instructed on actions to take in case of an emergency within the theatre. 

What is Expected of Alley Ushers?

Ushers are expected to arrive at least 90 minutes prior to the performance remain for the entire play, and be present until the last audience member leaves the lobby area.  As performances run from 90 minutes to three hours, this could be a total commitment of up to five hours.  

An usher shift begins with readying the house for the public under the direction of the House Manager. You may be asked to stuff Playbills with required inserts, help stage lobby furniture, and post additional lobby signage. Ushers training and position assignment occurs during the first half hour of the their shift. When the public enters the lobby, tickets are scanned, patrons are assisted in finding their seats, and all are on the ready to provide assistance should an incident occur. An usher must be able to stand for a minimum of one hour, navigate stairs, lift a box of programs, and be able to read tickets. Ushers are asked to adhere to a dress code of solid black, white and/or red coordinates that create a professional appearance and identifies you as an usher.   

Who is the Alley Looking For?

An Alley Theatre usher should be comfortable interacting with the public in a courteous manner, be an eager team players, and be able to follow the direction of a House Manager. He or she should be an adult with an interest in theatre and a passion to help others learn why the Alley is unique.  

We ask our ushers to commit to volunteer for at least one performance of each production, about eight shifts per season.  We desire responsible individuals who will honor their volunteering comitment. For the first five shifts, volunteers are considered an usher trainee.  Assignments to specific performances are made based on an "as needed basis."

Most communication with our ushers is by email. Familiarity with and access to a computer, with the ability to access the internet, navigate web pages and forms, open PDF files using Adobe Reader and read and respond to email sent to your unique email address (you cannot "share" an address with a fellow usher), is required.  Alley ushers are volunteers; there is no fee to join. During our Alley @ UH season all parking is free.

How Do You Join Us?

If you have an interest in becoming an Alley Theatre volunteer usher, please fill out our online Volunteer Usher application form, and the Volunteer Usher Supervisor will respond to you within three business days about usher opportunities.

Thank you again for your interest in assisting the Alley Theatre as an usher. We look forward to meeting you!

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