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Alley Theatre's ECE Staff can provide Professional Develop Workshops or In-service Teacher Training for various subjects at all grade levels.  Since theatre is an interactive community of artists and audiences, participating in it as a maker or observer teaches collaboration and teamwork.  At the Alley Theatre, we relate to language, ideas, expression, and society the way a zoo associates with biology, ecology, and nature.  We can be a practical resource for teaching English, writing, literature, the humanities and the fine arts

Professional Develop Workshops or In-service Teacher Training can take place at the Alley Theatre or at your campus.  Workshops and Training can be as short as an hour or as long as a full day.  Pricing depends upon workshop length and the details of the project.

When planning for teacher in-services and professional development, consider the following questions.

  • How many educators will be involved? 
  • What do you want to focus on?
  • Are there challenging issues, troubling concerns, or areas of particular interest?

The Education & Community Engagement Department has considerable expertise in developing age appropriate theatre experiences, voice and movement exercises and improvisation games that promote creative development and build 21st century skills. 

Do any of the following suggestions peak your interest?

Acting Classes
We can help educators guide student participation in developing characters and believable behavior for the stage.  Instruction focuses on action, motivation and revealing character with a wide array of ways of moving, talking, and feeling that are unique to particular individuals.  The classes enable teachers and students to know themselves and to appreciate one another’s uniqueness as performers.

Arts Integration
Using movement and acting exercises, we can help educators engage students in deeper explorations of science, history, languages and cultures.   This approach taps into students’ kinesthetic and interpersonal intelligence to help them understand the building blocks of the universe, the origins of our democratic government, or a variety of TEKS-aligned literacy skills.  An arts integration workshop may be customized to almost any reading curricula.

Ensemble Building
Helping educators develop a broad base for student understanding of how to collaborate, solve problems, and communicate.  Theatre games and activities are utilized to explore common ground and build common experiences.

Improvisation Techniques 
Improvisation is the creative, cooperative, and spontaneous dramatic response to changing and unanticipated dramatic stimuli.  Educators will analyze the components of a story or play and use those components as they create their own work.  Improvised stories are carefully structured, played, evaluated and replayed.  As teachers and students become more adept at improvisation and creative dramatics, they become more prepared, flexible, attentive and successful.

Physical and Vocal Training
Movement is the external expression of an internal idea.  We help educators practice self-expression with nonverbal communication of an action, an activity, a mood or intention.  The voice is main instrument for expressing meaning and feeling.  In practicing vocal skills, teachers and students, also learn how to be receptive and improve listening skills.

Production and Design Workshops
Scenery, lighting, props, costumes, make-up, and sound are all part of theatre.  These workshops guide educators in developing a fuller awareness of the nuances of light, color sound, movement, and composition.  Teachers and students will appreciate how design supports the storytelling and character development.

For more information on professional development for teachers or to develop an original training experience for your campus or district, contact Mary Sutton,, Director of Education & Community Engagement, at 713.315.3385.

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