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Directions to Theatre @ UH


Workshops can take place at the Alley Theatre or on your school’s campus. In addition to all grade levels, we can also lead workshops for churches, community centers, or any group interested in learning about theatre. Workshops can be as short as an hour or as long as a full day. Residencies are similar to workshops but occur over an extended period of time. Prices range from $85-$125 per class for workshops and residencies.


Acting Fundamentals
Learn the fundamental tools of an actor — imagination, body, voice and teamwork — learn techniques to strengthen performance, communication, and cooperation skills.

Ensemble and Trust Building
Through a series of dynamic theatre activities, learn how to deepen trust and support among your students to facilitate effective and creative group work.

Learn to create unique characters, build an engaging story and strengthen problem-solving skills through the interactive art of thinking on your feet.


Playwriting  360º is a 12 day residency which introduces students to dramatic writing as a creative outlet.  Students learn about dramatic structure and write their own 10-minute plays under the guidance of an Alley Teaching Artist. Selected plays will be featured in our Alley Playwriting 360º showcase in May.

Shakespeare 360º is perfect for both ELA and Theatre classes wishing to explore and decipher Shakespeare from a performance standpoint. Whether you are studying the sonnets, or putting on a production of Romeo & Juliet, the Alley can help you and your students gain insight to the great work of the Bard.

Aristotle to Sophocles:  The Genesis of Drama is a residency for Theatre and ELA classrooms–Students learn about the origins of theatre, how to generate persuasive arguments and create their own Greek dramas in the process. 

Monologue 101 – UIL does not stress monologue training, yet they are one of the most useful components for young actors as they pursue their careers.  

Movement 360º  - Study practical performance theories that help students fully engage their bodies as actors; including: Laban, Viewpoints and Rasa Aesthetics 

VOICE 360 residency focuses on in-depth practice of the voice, stressing vocal awareness, pronunciation, and articulation

For more information about any of these programs, please contact Michelle Edwards by email at or by phone at 713.315.5425.

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