About Us


EQuality Hailing from the Northside of Houston Texas EQuality is a member of the hip-hop/Soul collective known as The Hue. The Hue is a Southern manifestation of sound that celebrates Hip Hop, classic soul, and poetry. As one of the MC's in the group EQuality has been apart of three full length albums, The District, The Weakend and Aurora and two EP's Summer Sessions and The Hue A.D. These projects have all earned critical acclaim from fellow Hip-Hop innovators such as The Roots drummer ?uestlove, A Tribe Called Quest's Ali Shaheed Muhammad and the members Phonte and Grammy award-winning producer 9th Wonder of the Hip Hop group Little Brother. EQuality has also been recognized in the poetry community for a book of Poetry and Photography entitled The Beautiful Side of Ugly published by himself and photographer/DJ Jason Woods aka Flash Gordon Parks in 2005. EQuality was also apart of performing at the after party for the Alley Theatre's Alley All-New premiere of Syncing Ink, a play written by NSangou Njikam. EQuality is a true student of hip hop and believes music has the power to tranform thought as well as educate and inform.