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Lizette Cobb

Lizette Cobb is a music lover whose international travels with her legendary father, jazz artist and composer Arnett Cobb, developed and cultivated her passion for American music. It was in this unique music environment that she developed an intellectual curiosity for the historical context that facilitated the many contributions made by the diverse and larger than life music personalities that she met on her journey. As the Texas Music Office likes to say "You Can't Hear American Music Without Hearing Texas.”

Currently, Ms. Cobb is a music culture archeologist, music producer, publisher, and eyewitness historian preservationist. Investigating, collecting and cataloging data, artifacts and oral histories about the music community have become a full time commitment. As co-founder of the Jazz Heritage Society of Texas, Ms. Cobb supervised the development of the Texas Jazz Archives @Houston Public Library and curated the 2009 exhibit: “Go Red Go; Blow Arnett Blow: An Arnett Cobb Retrospective Part 1.”

Ms. Cobb’s current projects are curating a never before heard 1963 recording of her father entitled "Welcome Back" and spearheading an initiative to build a national music museum in Houston, Texas. She is a contributor to the Institute of Jazz Studies at Rutgers University and the National Museum of American History (American Music Collection). She is a graduate of University of Houston with a BS in Anthropology.