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Mekeva McNeil

Mekeva McNeil is a theatre maker and educator. She is intrigued by creating work that explores the language, movement and beauty of what it means to traverse this sentient existence through space and time. We carry with us a social system (embodied cultural and personal experiences) which are challenged or altered when we intersect with others. I use theatre as a means to interrogate and elucidate what occurs in space and time when social systems intersect or collide. What is the outcome? What modes of survival do we implement? What are the external circumstances that shape the terrain? Born and raised in Houston, Mekeva began her studies in theatre at The High School for Performing and Visual Arts where she is now a theatre instructor. She went on study theatre at the University of Houston and later moved to New York where she received her MFA in Directing from The Actor’s Studio Drama School at Pace University.