COVID-19 & Public Health Update

Update of what we’ve been doing to keep staff, and eventually our Guests, safe as we return to the Theatre.

As we reopen, we will follow the protocol in our DRAMA acronym: 

  • Disinfect – wash your hands and disinfect the spaces you contact (wipes will be provided) 
  • Reduce capacity – we are limiting how many people are in any given space in the Theatre
  • Avoid close contact – social distance from those not in your “quaranteam”
  • Mask up – we ask that you wear your mask at all times while in the Theatre, even during performances
  • Accountability – monitor your health daily to protect yourself and others

We have made the following changes within the Theatre building to ensure your safety when we reopen:

  • Upgraded to MERV 13 air filters in the Theatre
  • HVAC system programmed to bring in the maximum amount of fresh air while still properly conditioning the building
  • Installation of touchless soap dispensers and faucets in restrooms
  • Touchless flush toilets in restrooms 
  • Touchless ticket scanners 
  • Touchless credit card machines in guest services 
  • The entire Theatre will be cleaned thoroughly after each performance and an anti-viral product will be used on all surfaces.

When you return to the Theatre you can expect the following:*

  • Reduced capacity seating to assist in social distancing 
  • Timed entry into a General Admission house – your entry time will be printed on your ticket. Instructions will be mailed with your tickets
  • Additional hand sanitizer stands and stations throughout the Theatre
  • Masks will be required while in the Theatre building 
  • Temperature will be taken upon entry to the building

While we’ve been away, construction has been taking place in the building. If you’ve been by the building, you may have noticed a few boarded up windows and a blocked alleyway. Never fear. After the flooding during Hurricane Harvey, the Alley Theatre received financial assistance from FEMA to aid with future flood mitigation. We are securing the building from a 500 year flood plus two feet. Here are a few improvements made to the building to prevent flooding:

  • Replaced thinner glass in the front of the Theatre to a much thicker glass that will hold back flood water. 
  • Added a manually-raised gate in front of the Theatre doors to hold back flood waters.
  • Rebuilt the structural wall in the power vault in the basement of the Theatre with structural steel. The door to the power vault is also made of structural steel.
  • Added three submarine doors in the tunnel and basement levels.All the doors at street level are being replaced with water-proof doors.

We are thrilled to announce that the Alley Theatre has achieved GBAC STAR™ facility accreditation to prevent and respond to outbreaks. Under the guidance of GBAC, we have implemented the most stringent protocols for cleaning, disinfection, and infectious disease prevention in our facilities. 



*All protocols dependent upon government and CDC guidance

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