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El Zocalo


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Baldemar Rodriguez
Interim Manager of Community Partnerships


Inspired by the traditional meeting places found all over Latin America, Alley Theatre’s metaphoric “El Zócalo” is a place-making initiative to celebrate, grow, and interact with Houston’s diverse Latin culture and artistic community. Alley Theatre is proud to join together with well-established cultural and social organizations and Houston-area schools to foster community and reinforce Houston’s presence as a diverse arts center that serves every neighborhood in its community.

We are in the second year of the El Zócalo initiative and this year we hope to build on the success of our first year by continuing our work to celebrate Houston’s rich Latinx community through two electrifying projects:

- School and Community activities supporting Alley All New’s 72 Miles to Go… by Hilary Bettis.

72 Miles | 72 Stories, a Latinx Community Celebration designed to create an irresistible force field of Houston’s own stories to invigorate healthy dialogues amongst Houston’s diverse citizens.

Dovetailing with the Alley All New Festival, the Alley theatre will offer a special student matinee of a new play—72 Miles to Go… by Hilary Bettis, a Latinx writer on the Emmy award winning show The Americans. Students and community members will peek into the workshop process of a new play with Ms. Bettis and dive into issues that resonate in our communities throughout Houston: Immigration, life near the border, and the health of the American Dream.

72 Miles To go... RE-SOURCED

Open up the world of the play through Alley Re-Sourced, our groundbreaking digital dramaturgy platform. 

Prepare for the show and facilitate discussion with real life and real news examples of the journeys experienced by the fictional characters in the play. Pick a member of the family and see where their path leads you. Re-sourced is full of valuable prompt questions to create entry points for students, worksheets to delve deeper into personal connections and background on the play and playwright.