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Baldemar Rodriguez
Manager of Community Partnerships

    Rompiendo Barreras

    for houston's diverse latinx theatregoers

    Language is more than just a means of communication; it is a tool for imagination and creativity and a vehicle for entertainment and education. Through Spanish translations, the Latinx community has exposure to local arts and furthers El Zócalo's goal of accessibility and inclusion. It also creates a two-way conversation between communities.

    We are excited to announce the Alley's 2021 Spring digital productions of Medea and El Chuco Town Forever include subtitles in Spanish. 

    These productions are accompanied by a special event, Community Cuentos y Charlas

    Live on Facebook on April 9, 2021

    El Chuco Town Forever

    Written By: Isaac Gómez
    Directed By: Laura Moreno


    Janie and Miguel are long-time assistant managers at a big box store in El Paso right by the Zaragoza Bridge to Juárez, Mexico. The memorial service is tonight. It didn’t happen at their store, but it could have. Should they go? Will they go? Written by Texas playwright Isaac Gómez (commissioned author of the upcoming What-a-Christmas! at the Alley). 

    Janie y Miguel son asistendes de gerencia en una tienda reconocida en El Paso justo al lado del Puente de Zaragoza hacia Juárez, Mexico. El servicio conmemorativo es esta noche. No sucedió en su tienda, pero prodría haberlo hecho. ¿Deberían de ir? ¿Irán? Escrito por el autor teatral Isaac Gómez (autor comisionado de What-a-Christmas!, una obra planeada para una producción en una temporada próxima del Alley).

    Live on Facebook on March 26, 2021

    Euripides' Medea

    Translated by: Mary-Kay Gamel
    Directed By: Rob Melrose


    Sexual jealousy, betrayal, revenge, and murder! One of the first plays ever written remains one of the most gripping. Medea has sacrificed everything for her marriage to Jason. Now he has his eye on a younger potential bride. Watch as Medea makes him pay dearly for his infidelity. Tune in to see Alley Resident Acting Company member Elizabeth Bunch in this tour-de-force performance of one of the greatest roles in theatre history.  

    ¡Celos sexuales, traición, venganza y asesinato! Una de las primeras obras escritas sigue siendo una de las más apasionantes. Medea ha sacrificado todo por su matrimonio con Jason. Ahora él tiene interés en una joven con potencial para ser su esposa. Mira como Medea lo hace pagar por su infidelidad. Sintonice para ver a Elizabeth Bunch, miembro de la compañía del Alley, en esta presentación de una de las obras más importantes en la historia del teatro.