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Speaking your stories into existence.


Featured Program

veterans songbook project

final concert

a partnership with hgoCO and the telling project - Free and open to the public

saturday, november 11 – 2:30 pm – Christ Church Cathedral

HGOco’s Veterans Songbook Project final concert will feature the music set to the text resulting from the storytelling and writing workshops held at various organizations, as well as additional works created from interviews and archival research of wartime efforts. In addition, this capstone event includes spoken-word performances by veterans, created in partnership with Applied Theatre at the Alley's First Draft program and Max Rayneard from The Telling Project. 


book first draft

Mara McGhee

Program Overview

Alley Theatre’s community program, First Draft, transforms your best memory into a really great story! This workshop is a modern, out-of-the-box take on the age-old tradition of speaking our stories aloud. Pulling from a blend of easy playwriting and creative nonfiction techniques, you’ll tap into the skills and confidence you need to be an authority over a moment in your life. Join us to discover the most important elements of one of your personal anecdotes, and then speak your story into existence!

First Draft is offered at an hourly rate and can be tailored to your school or organization's needs. We'll bring it to you! 

Workshop examples:

Anecdotes is a 2-day workshop to develop a short personal narrative

Memoirs is an 8-week workshop designed for participants to develop a long-form personal narrative, or multiple short narratives.

Chronicles is for 16 weeks to really dig into the craft of writing and the revision process.