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group tours

Take a peek behind the curtain and tour the Alley Theatre's stages and Production Center.



Mara McGhee
ECE Programs Coordinator

Program Overview

The Alley Theatre Education and Community Engagement department offers private tours for school and community groups at a time that is convenient for you!

In addition to your tour, the Alley offers uniquely tailored workshop on an array of theatre techniques including Shakespeare, Improvisation and Slam Poetry, and are great for groups of all ages. Workshops are available at an additional fee.



Yes! Contact us at 713.315.5424 or to find a date and time that works best for an in-person meeting. 

do you have a one-pager FOR my principal, COUNSELOR OR PTO?

Yes! Download our one-page program overview HERE.

how can my school pay for oskar?

Historically, schools have used a variety of funding sources to pay for Oskar:

when is payment due?

Payment is due no later than 30 days after the performance occurs via check, direct deposit, debit/credit card or purchase order. It is recommended that you plan for your Oskar purchase out of funding that is already awarded versus a pending award or grant. 

what will i receive when i book?

Upon booking, you will receive a confirmation email containing two important documents for you return to Rachel Wagner:

  • Invoice – This document states your school’s performance date/time and payment instructions and due date.
  • Touring Performance Agreement – This document is required to help our Oskar team prepare your performance(s), including: contact phone numbers/emails, load in/out schedule, school bus/performance space conflicts, etc.

what if i need to reschedule or cancel?

Deadlines to cancel or reschedule performances are typically a month before the first day of the tour. Please refer to the Touring Shows page for details on touring dates. Rescheduling performances after the deadline will be at the discretion of Alley Theatre and based on availability. Further information about cancellations will be covered in your Touring Performance Agreement and invoice.  


Our show was developed for an all-school audience and is best received with the entire school present. Appropriate ages are K-5. A single performance can hold a maximum of 550 students, therefore we suggest back-to-back performances splitting K-2 and 3-5. 

How long is an oskar show?

The performance run-time is 55 minutes. There is a built-in 10-minute TalkBack after the show. If your school is hosting back-to-back shows please allow for a 15-minute break between shows. 

What times can i schedule the performance(s)?

Based on availability, we typically schedule performances before or after the lunch period. The load in/load out schedule is tailored to any unique situations like bus arrival, breakfast/lunch, class period changes, performance space conflicts, etc. At this time, we do not do after-school performances (past 3:30pm). 

What does the school provide for the performance(s)?

We require a private dressing area, bathrooms, water fountain and a clean performance space.

how does load-in/load-out work?

The Alley requires the schedule below for load-in and out. When you complete your Touring Performance Agreement, you will describe the situations that will be present during the load-in/load-out process, such as parking issues, student arrival to and dismissal from performance space, presence of pedestrian and automotive traffic on school property, or obstructions during load-in and load-out, etc. The times below will vary depending on your school's unique situations. 

  • Load-in & Setup - 75 minutes
  • Performance Run Time - 55 minutes
  • Strike & Load-out - 45 minutes

How many actors are present for the performance(s)

There are three actors and one stage manager present for the day-of the performance.

can my school get proof of insurance from the alley?

Yes! Please contact Cathy Bencivenga to process your request.


The Alley is an approved vendor for most districts. If you need us to be an approved vendor, please let us know as soon as possible. The Alley will complete the remaining steps to become vendor. If you have any other required district forms, please send those to us promptly. Email Rachel Wagner.


Your performance includes access to our digital online resource called Alley Re-Sourced. Use before and after your Oskar shows to extend the learning experience and encourage classroom discussion. Download Oskar directly to your SMART Board, and continue the lessons he learns with! Online you will find:

  • A sequencing map of the play
  • Special worksheets and activities for grades K-5
  • Links to resources for teaching students about bullying and empathy
  • Stage Craft page with videos of the actors explaining the show and how it was created

want to know more about oskar's history and impact?

Learn more about Oskar's history, past shows and its impact - click HERE!

Does Oskar meet the adl's no place for hate criteria?

Yes! Our 2017-2018 touring Oskar shows are about grit, resilience and coping with crisis. If you are trying to book this show to fulfill your No Place for Hate campaign, there are several ways that this show ties into the campaign, such as:

  • learning to respect yourself and one another through growth mindset
  • how crisis affects your feelings and emotions
  • learning how to bounce back from stressful situations and disasters
  • teaching growth mindset - believing that students can learn, change, and develop needed skills. Students are better equipped to handle inevitable setbacks, and know that hard work can help them accomplish their goals.
  • self-esteem and confidence
  • understanding change and how others are different than yourself based on their family life, places they have lived and life experiences
  • learn to understand and become aware of and their own emotions, as well as those of others.
  • build self-awareness of how emotions affect their interactions with others and will learn to establish more healthy patterns of behavior, improving their relationship skills