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Play Makers Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about how Alley Play Makers works? Check below for to see if they're among our Frequently Asked Questions. If not, feel free to email to have all of your Play Makers questions answered!


How do I sign up my child for Play Makers?

To register for camps visit our Registration Page and select the appropriate camp from the list. Feel free to email if you are having trouble registering online.

What is the right age group for my child?

Spring Break: Campers should be registered for their current grade level.

Summer: Campers should be registered for the rising grade level that they will be entering in the fall. 

How much does Play Makers cost?

One Week Play Makers is $295 per student, with additional fees for extended care.

Are there scholarships?

Limited need-based scholarships are available. Apply here by May 3 for Summer 2021.  

Is there extended care available?

Yes! We offer AM care from 8:00am – 9:00am and PM  from 3-5pm.

Extended Care Pricing:
AM and PM = + $50
AM only = + $25
PM only = + $35

All scholarships come with free extended care.

If you only need occasional care, Before or After Care can be purchased “a la carte” at $10/shift. To purchase care on an “a la carte” basis, please contact the Camp Coordinator the day before your child will need care.

What are the exchange and cancellation policies?

Exchanges and cancellations are not allowed. Special cases will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Please contact Elena Valladolid-Rivera at for more information.

How do i get my camper forms in?

In order to help us compile all of the campers’ information, we ask that you complete and email your paperwork to us (sent to as soon as possible. However, it is also imperative that you bring a hard copy of your paperwork with you on the first day of camp so that we can have a hard copy with your signature on file.

How does Day 1 work?

Check In will be from 8:30am-9:00am. (Campers registered for before-care may arrive at 8:00am.) A parent or guardian will need to accompany their camper into camp on the first day so that we can ensure that we have all forms of emergency information. After the first day, you can drop off your camper in the normal pick up and drop off locations. Once the campers are signed in, they will then be escorted to the warm-up room where their Play Makers journey will begin!

At the end of the first day, please follow the standard pick-up procedure outlined in your parent guide.

Where do I drop off and pick up my child?

Detailed instructions for pick up and drop off will be found in the parent guide you receive once you are registered for camp. Drop off areas will be clearly marked by Play Makers sandwich boards on-site.

When can I drop off and pick up my child?

If you are not registered for extended care please ensure that your child arrives between 8:45am and 9:00am. We lock the doors at 9:00am, and being late may cause your child to miss our important group warm up times. Children who arrive late will need to wait with their parent or guardian until a staff member lets them in.

Please pick up your child between 3:00pm and 3:15pm. Any children that are still waiting at 3:15 will be sent to after care and you will be charged $10.

Unless the camp administrator is told of an early pick up prior to check in, we will be unable to allow early pick-up after 2:30pm. 

Who can pick up my child?

Campers will only be released to people on the approved pick up list and they will need to show a form of identification. You can put names on the list when you fill out your application or by emailing the Camp Coordinator. Please notify us if there will be changes in who picks up your camper.

What if I am running late for pick up?

Please call or text the Camp Coordinator at your site. Your child will be sent to after-care and you will be charged $10.

If you arrive after 5:00pm, you will be charged $1 per minute, and your camper will not be able to attend until that balance is paid. 

What if my child is sick?

Please do not send your child to camp if they have had any contagious illness within the last 24 hours. If your child will be absent, please call or text the Camp Coordinator prior to check in. If we are unaware of your child’s absence, we will be contacting you at the beginning of the day.

If your child gets sick during the camp day, we will contact you or their emergency contact to pick them up.

What if I need to pick up my child early?

Early dismissal notification should be submitted in writing to the Camp Coordinator no later than 9:00am on the day of early pick-up. This notification must include the time of dismissal and the name of the person picking up the camper. A Play Makers Staff member will escort your child to the pick-up area at the appropriate time. 

What should my kids wear?

CLOTHES: Campers should wear clothes that will let them move easily and comfortably. Skirts are welcome as long as they have leggings or bike shorts underneath. Please pack an extra change of clothes/underwear for younger students. Accidents sometimes happen and we want the kids to be clean and comfortable to continue all activities when they do.

SHOES: The Campers should wear comfortable, CLOSED-TOE shoes. No flip-flops or sandals please! 

Is lunch provided?

Lunch is not provided. Please pack 2 snacks and a well-balanced lunch for your child. Vending machines and microwaves will not be available, so please keep that in mind when choosing your lunch items. And please help us by limiting the amount of sugary items in your child’s lunch. A lunch topped off with M&Ms and soda can make for some over-excited campers!

**It is very important that you inform us of any food allergies your child may have on the Emergency Contact Form. Please pay particular attention to letting us know of peanut sensitivities.**

Water is available, but we encourage all campers to bring their own water bottles. Summer and plenty of activity can easily cause dehydration.

What should my kids bring with them?

Water, lunch, 2 snacks, and a change of clothes for the little ones. If your camper is in K-1, please send a blanket on the first day and feel free to have them leave it with us. We provide a quiet time where the campers can listen to a story or quietly read to themselves, and we find that having a blanket in the chilly air conditioning allows them to relax. 

Can I send my child with a cell phone, tablet, or other electronic device?

Cell phones are collected at the beginning of the day and returned to the camper at the end of the day. They may or may not be allowed to have them during lunch. We have plenty of activities to keep your camper busy and engaged from before-care through after-care, so tablets and other electronic devices are strictly prohibited. If you need to get ahold of your camper, please call or text the Camp Administrator any time between 7:30am and 5:00pm. 

Are Play Makers Teachers CPR Certified?

Yes! There is at least one, and frequently several, Teaching Artists and Administrators on site at every camp that are certified for Adult and Pediatric CPR and First Aid through the American Red Cross.

What if my child takes medication?

Medication can be kept in the office with the Camp Administrator, however, Play Makers Staff is unable to administer any type of medication to children during the camp. If your child needs medication, they must be able to administer the medication themselves. Parents can also arrange for someone to come to the school to administer medication. 

What if my child has allergies?

The Play Makers Staff will only be able to administer medication in the event of an allergic reaction. Allergy medication needs to be provided by the parent and may be stored in the office with the Camp Administrator.  Any non-reactionary medications must be able to be administered by the child. 

When can we see what our kids have been doing?

The Open Workshop is an opportunity for campers to share all of the skills they have gained. This is an informal presentation of plays, dances, and games that the campers have put together with their group. Our focus on process rather than product. We will send out invitations and reminders during the camp session. We encourage family and friends to attend and participate in this celebration of learning.

Open workshops take place on the final Friday of each camp session at 1:30 pm. Please allow time for parking. Signs will be placed to help you find the location of the Open Workshop.

Please note, there will be no after-care following the Open Workshop on the last day of each camp.

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