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Applied Theatre at the Alley’s middle and high School programs use theatre as a tool to challenge students’ understanding of current events, create teen-citizens capable of empathetic understanding and multiple points of view, and explore and embrace fundamental questions with which we all wrestle.

Opportunites include:

•  Student Matinee Access Programs that expose students to the best the Alley has to offer
•  Private Backstage Tours designed with your students' interests in mind
•  One-off Workshops and Residencies on-site at your school, such as the Alley's acclaimed Slam Poetry      and First Draft programs
•  The exclusive, in-depth Parter School Program



Workshops and Residencies

DIVE DEEPER with an expanded student matinee season

student matinee access programs (MAPS)

book performances and build a maps journey

Student MAPs help you locate a new destination for your students! Through a MAPs journey, your students will emerge as more empathetic and tolerant citizens! The newly expanded student matinee season exposes students to the best the Alley has to offer in exclusive 10AM performances. Every student matinee includes a talkback with the cast, crew, and creative team - allowing students to chat with some of the country’s most prolific and respected theatre artists.




backstage tours

a standalone field trip or perfectly paired with a student matinee

Private, comprehensive tours of the Alley’s stages and production center make the perfect field trip or group activity. Participants get an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the theatrical processes, learn captivating Alley Theatre history, and get a chance to see the talented crew in action.


Workshops and Residencies


workshops and residencies

Customizable multi day or ala carte workshops and residencies for middle and high school students



Partner School Program


partner school program

in depth year-long explorations

This exclusive program offers a limited number of schools an exclusive opportunity to access the Alley’s artistry on a deeper level. Partners work closely with the Alley to design a unique, year-long engagement that aligns the Alley’s season with classroom curriculum and current events.



Teaching Artists


alley theatre teaching artists 

meet the amazing teaching artists that bring these programs to life for your students.