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Oskar Versus Thingamabob

fall 2019: teaches students to cope with crisis


written by prince gomolvilas and matt ackels
september 30 – november 15, 2019

An urgent and delightful new play from the creators of the acclaimed Oskar series! After ten-year-old Oskar successfully faces and defeats a real-lifeThingamabob, he continues to be troubled by bad dreams—about the same real-life Thingamabob he thought was long gone. How will Oskar find peace in his sleep? How will he deal with the fear, anger, and sadness that have become a part of his waking hours? How will he tap into his innate superpowers of resilience and grit? Oskar Versus Thingamabob uses high energy, laughter, and joy to teach audiences how to bounce back after a crisis and to move forward to a brighter future.

Oskar and the Big Bully Battle - Part 2

spring 2020: teaches students about grit and resilience! 

Oskar and the last straw

Written by Prince gomolvilas
January 20 - march 6, 2020

Too much homework. Too many extracurricular activities, and social events. What's a kid to do? As his backpack gets fuller and voices from the outside world get louder, Oskar can’t help but feel like he can’t handle it—any of it! He just doesn't know how to deal with stress, to take back control, to be...resilient?

In this play, Oskar learns that he can bounce back, that he’s awesome…awesomely resilient! Through his journey, students come to understand that they too are good enough, and that they have the ability within themselves to bounce back.

"Showcased a non-traditional aspect of accepting differences among peers. Funny, silly, and totally meaningful approach to dealing with this issue."

Teacher at Bear Branch Elementary