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Elena Valladolid-Rivera
Sales and Marketing Associate
Alley Theatre's flagship Staging Stem program is currently on hold. Click on the button if you'd like information about booking when available. 

Staging STEM

Alley Theatre's premier Arts Integration program is designed to energize core subjects for every student - especially those with the most unique learning styles. 

STEM curriculum is brought to life side-by-side with THEATRE concepts, boosting comprehension of abstract science and math lessons through kinesthetic learning and storytelling.

In-depth Staging STEM Partnerships offer:

- Comprehensive TEKS-based curriculum tailored specifically with classroom teachers to students' needs
- 10 consecutive days inside each class session in an entire grade level
- Specialized teaching strategies that address all learning styles and promote growth in social emotional learning and executive functions
- Collaboration with Houston's best Teaching Artists
- Pre- and post-residency STAAR-based assessments, with optional 6-week follow-up
- Culminating OPEN Workshop performances to demonstrate newfound knowledge to administrators and family
- Watch your students engage like never before while gaining the academic and social skills necessary for success in the 21st-century classroom.



Prices are based on 10-day residency, working with a whole grade level. All prices are based on number of classes and tailored to each school’s scheduling needs.