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Cathy Bencivenga
Executive Manager of ECE

student matinee access programs (maps)

Student MAPs help you locate a new destination for your students! Through a MAPs journey, your students will emerge as more empathetic and tolerant citizens. The newly expanded student matinee season exposes students to the best the Alley has to offer in exclusive 10AM performances. Every student matinee includes a talkback with the cast, crew, and creative team - allowing students to chat with some of the country’s most prolific and respected theatre artists.

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go beyond the show with a MAPS JOURNEY

Create a more impactful experience for students by pairing a show with:

•  A preparatory workshop!  Help students think outside of the box
•  A de-brief experience!  Help students personalize the themes
•  A tour! Peek inside our production facilities and witness where the magic is made
•  An Artist or Designer Talk! Learn to value the artistic process
•  or a combination of them all!

Alley Master Teaching Artists and Mainstage Actors can help your students explore the play and its themes in the classroom or at the Alley – before, after or during your visit.

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Featured Program

spring partner showcase



This public event showcases the work middle and high school students have done through Alley in-school programs including Playwriting 360°, First Draft, Slam Poets, Monologues and Shakespeare.



Overview of workshops and residencies


Bring to life the language of Shakespeare. Students investigate the universal themes represented in the work and how it applies to modern day, while learning fundamental concepts including:

  • Iambic pentameter
  • Punctuation shifts
  • Active approaches to analyzing the language, characters, objectives, and conflict
  • Using words as weapons
  • Physically exploring character archetypes

Recommended length: 5 sessions, 10 sessions to include scene work


Explore the necessity of ethical conversations through drama. Focusing on the use of rhetoric to influence decisions, students learn fundamental concepts including:

  • The context of theatre in ancient Greece
  • Agon, ethos, logos, and pathos
  • Protagonist and antagonist relationships
  • The structure and function of a chorus
  • Using tableau to physicalize ideas and concepts

Recommended length: 5 sessions


Build confidence to bring language to life. Local professional Slam Poets guide students in the exploration of written and spoken expression through poetry while learning literary techniques, including:

  • Metaphor
  • Simile
  • Symbolism
  • Interpreted Meaning
  • Point of View

Recommended length: 8 sessions

First draft 

Transform memories into personal narratives. Students explore a combination of playwriting and creative non-fiction techniques to generate stories. These first drafts create a solid foundation for college essays, monologues, and devised performance.

Recommended length: 8 sessions


Delve in to script and character analysis by working on the actor’s calling card – the monologue. Students are guided through a process to help them create character, environment and clear intention; essential foundational skills for all performers.

Recommended length: 5 sessions

physical theatre 

Explore the powerful language of the body, and investigate how physicality influences characters and emotions. Students increase physical and emotional flexibility, develop a sense of curiosity about movement, and learn to make strong physical choices as performers. Your residency can be tailored to your specific needs.

Recommended length: 5 sessions

stage combat 

Develop the skills necessary to battle effectively and safely on stage. Students explore techniques for armed and unarmed combat, steps for building detailed fight choreography, and safety measures to protect all involved. Perfect for beginning and advanced performers.

Recommended length: 5 session

speak up! 

Explore what it means to be heard. The physical voice is developed by exercises that strengthen breathing muscle and improve vocal resonance, pitch, and articulation. Students grow the artistic voice alongside the physical by building a connection between the voice, body, and the world.

Recommended length: 5 sessions

tech 360° 

Investigate the craft of developing stories through technical design and application. Students apply creative problem-solving skills and work hands-on with materials to deepen the experience of a narrative. Your residency can be tailored to your specific needs and can focus on the following:

  • The Art of Foley
  • Shaping Light
  • Costume Craft

Recommended length: 5 sessions, 10 sessions to include scene work

theatre 360° 

Journey through history via the lens of theatre. Students connect the social and political context of the times to the performance styles represented on the stage, and investigate what it is to be an artist in response to the world around them. We currently offer:

  • Greek Theatre
  • Shakespeare
  • Comedy of Manners
  • Theatre of the Absurd

Recommended length: 5 sessions, 10 sessions to include scene work

theatre for social justice 

Explore social justice issues that impact your community and your future, using Forum Theatre techniques pioneered by Brazilian theatre artist Augusto Boal. Students engage in meaningful discussion around difficult topics and explore potential active solutions to real life problems. This residency includes an optional Forum Theatre experience for the community.

Recommended length: 10 sessions


Learn through exercises and unscripted scenes how to think creatively on the spot. An important foundational skill, Improv fosters a sense of ensemble, strengthens listening skills, responsiveness, and encourages bold choices. Perfect for beginning and advanced performers.

Recommended length: 4 sessions


Explore the power of words to create worlds by developing a 10-minute play. Students perform writing exercises to develop clearly defined characters, shape scenes, and exchange constructive feedback.

Recommended length: 12 sessions

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