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Sarah Wilkins
Arts Integration Specialist

Applied Theatre at the Alley leads Houston in Arts Integration Professional Development, helping hundreds of teachers across dozens of districts integrate theatre into STEM curriculum each year.

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Fort Bend ISD Teachers rave about Alley Theatre's AIN

Are you longing to enhance teaching skills, increase student engagement, and promote deeper learning and retention? Alley Theatre's training program provides teachers in select school districts a 2-week intensive with follow-up in-class mentorship. AIN is hands-on, allowing teachers to get up on their feet to experience arts integration and develop ready-to-use lesson plans. This sought-after training is guided by the philosophy that any teacher can master simple theatre skills to boost kinesthetic learning in all subjects.

Through AIN, teachers gain the tools they need to integrate theatre into core curriculum. 

Received CPE credits for our two AIN sessions:

2 week Summer professional development

Teachers observe Alley Master Teaching Artists at work and try their hand at leading games with age-appropriate students in Alley Theatre summer camps. 

1 year in-class mentorship

Throughout the course of the school year, AIN members receive 16 hours of mentorship in their own classrooms. Teachers work alongside Master Teaching Artists to integrate theatre into core cirriculum.

"When I use arts integration in the classroom, it makes me feel like I'm the fun teacher again. My class enjoys learning much more. I've seen it show up in their test scores."

Anastasia Wade, 3rd Grade AIN Teacher