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One year after Hurricane Harvey, the Alley Theatre is ready to start its 2018-2019 Season with an extraordinary line-up of plays. It may appear as if everything is back to normal, but in reality, it will take years for our Theatre to fully recover from Harvey's impact. Our loss of more than 75,000 props will have an effect on our day-to-day business for years. The show must go on, and the Alley staff will make it happen through hard work and determination. The support of donors like you is crucial for us to continue producing the plays you love, and providing the best theatre arts education to schools across Greater Houston.

Alley staff reflect on Hurricane Harvey

If you haven't given yet, donate today and help our Theatre remain resilient.

Here are some examples of what your gift makes possible

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We lost 75,000 props in the flood. Your gift will help us replenish our props stock and create new props for the upcoming shows of the season.

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Your gift supports the replacement of sound equipment and music instruments for our season's productions.

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Your will support the recreation of scenic and props pieces for the Alley's school plays, touring 70 Houston-area schools this season.



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For more information about the impact of your gift and giving opportunities such as gifts of stock, supporting the Alley through your donor-advised fund, and monthly giving, contact us by email or at 713.315.3371.