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Chaney Tullos
Assistant Director of Education


    alley theatre Master class series

    for houston's theatre professionals

    Build upon your foundation as a theatre artist with the Alley Theatre’s brand new Master Class Series! Become intimate with the processes of Alley’s Residency Acting Company and staff, refresh and refine your skills, explore new practices, and connect with the family of Houston Theatre’s movers and shakers. 

    All Classes are on Monday evenings from 6:30pm to 9:30pm at the Alley Theatre unless otherwise stated.

    Book 3 one-night-only classes for $400 (normally $450, for discount email 


    David Rainey

    monday, march 16, 2020

    Unlocking the Physical Self

    led by David Rainey, Resident Acting Company

    How does an actor use their body as an entry point to a complex character? This movement-based masterclass, led by Alley Resident Acting Company member David Rainey, utilizes mask work and detailed physical exploration to open the path to multifaceted and compelling characters. Having received top honors from The Juilliard School, David utilizes his vast training to provide students with an unparalleled introduction to physicality!

    Prerequisites: This class is designed for professional performers of all types.






    monday, March 30, 2020

    Triple Threat: Approaching the Character Using the Musical Theatre Toolbox

    led by Dylan Godwin & Melissa Pritchett, Resident Acting Company

    Great acting can make or break a musical, but too often training for musical theatre neglects a strong focus on acting. But have no fear – Melissa Pritchett and Dylan Godwin are here! Our resident Musical Theatre experts utilize song as monologue - offering new tools and a leg up for musical theatre performers who are looking to take their work to the next level. Additionally, Dylan and Melissa aim to create and explore realistic, deeply felt characters using movement and music as a springboard.

    Prerequisites: This class is designed for professional performers who feel comfortable with singing and performing in Musical Theatre.



    Todd Waite

    monday, April 13, 2020

    Speak the Speech (I Pray You)

    led by Todd Waite, Resident Acting Company

    The voice is an essential tool for the actor, yet it is complex and ever-changing. Resident Company Member Todd Waite guides actors through vocal techniques and exercises designed to not only sharpen breath and articulation, but also magnify and illuminate text. The heart of any story lies in the script, so actors will explore ways to apply vocal technique organically - creating a partnership between the internal and external. This class also touches on techniques around vocal safety and longevity – and is directly applicable to scene work, text analysis, and other classes.

    Prerequisites: This class is designed for professional performers with a basic understanding of vocal technique for the stage.


    Todd Waite

    monday, april 27, 2020


    led by Todd Waite, Resident Acting Company

    William Shakespeare continues to be the most produced playwright in the USA. However, performing his work is considered the Olympics of Acting. No matter your experience level with Shakespeare, Alley Resident Acting Company Member Todd Waite leads actors through the nuts and bolts of mastering Shakespeare’s poetry!

    Prerequisites: This class is designed for professional performers, but extensive experience with Shakespeare is not required.


    Brandon Weinbrenner

    Wednesday May 6, 6:30PM to 9:30PM

    and Saturday May 9, 10:00AM to 4:00PM

    Audition Technique

    led by Brandon Weinbrenner, Associate Producer & Casting Director

    From selection to preparation to correspondence to first-impressions, the craft of auditioning is a multi-tiered skill. The Alley’s Associate Producer & Casting Director Brandon Weinbrenner will cover all the bases of how to put your best foot forward when auditioning. This two-day clinic is for the actor who wants to earn the role. Participants should expect to examine not only their monologues but also who they are and what they represent.

    Pricing for 2-day clinic: $400

    Prerequisites: This class is designed for professional performers of all types.


    Elizabeth Bunch

    monday, May 11, 2020

    Script Analysis: Uncovering Intention

    led by Elizabeth Bunch, Resident Acting Company

    While the script is the playwright’s blueprint, it’s up to the actor and director to build the metaphorical house. Through careful examination of text, Alley Resident Company Member Elizabeth Bunch helps theatre makers ask questions to find the intention and action in any scene. Through a clear yet in-depth analysis, participants will find specific tactics that will lead to clear storytelling and nuanced character.

    Prerequisites: This class is designed for professional theatre makers of any field.


    Mary Sutton

    monday, february 24, 2020


    led by Mary Sutton, director of education & community engagement

    Considered a pillar of conservatory training, Viewpoints serves as a necessary and revered tool for all actors and directors. This masterclass, led by Mary Sutton, former student of Viewpoints creator Mary Overlie, will open up new potential in you. Participants will dive into the six categories originally designed to deepen the physical and emotional power of actors through deep exploration of the essentials: space, shape, time, emotion, storytelling and kinesthetic movement. This practice reveals unexplored awareness to bring new insights to the forefront of your work.

    Prerequisites: This class is designed for professional theatre makers– including performers, directors, and designers.


    Chris Hutchison

    monday, march 2, 2020

    Suzuki and the Actor's Machine

    led by Chris hutchison, Resident Acting Company

    There’s a reason why Suzuki is one of the most popular movement-based training methods for actors! Created by Japanese Director Tadashi Suzuki, this method strengthens an actor’s awareness to their center and their connection to the physical space. Known for creating dynamic and strong performers, Suzuki increases focus, stage presence, and vocal resonance. Additionally, Alley Resident Acting Company Member Chris Hutchison integrates the Laban Method - exploring ways in which this work is carried into an actor’s everyday practice. Chris studied Suzuki extensively with Robyn Hunt and Steve Pearson, who received their training from Suzuki himself.

    Prerequisites: This class is designed for professional performers who are new to the Suzuki Method, or are looking for a refresher. It is very physical in nature, so please let us know of any injuries before registering!