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Winner Tony Award Best Play!
All The Way

January 29 - February 21, 2016

  • By Robert Schenkkan

  • Directed by Kevin Moriarty

  • A co-production with Dallas Theater Center

  • Contains adult language.

  • The run time is approximately 2 hours and 38 minutes with one intermission.

  • Hubbard Theatre


Winner of the Tony Award, the Alley’s Texas-sized production of a gripping new play about LBJ features a cast combining artists from the Alley, with members of the Dallas Theater Center portraying some of history’s most dynamic figures and the 36th President of the United States himself, Lyndon Baines Johnson.

1964: A pivotal year in American history – a landmark civil rights bill passed, involvement in Vietnam deepening, and one man at the center of it all, determined to lift the country out of the ashes and rebuild it into The Great Society – by any means necessary. 


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Associate Producers

Creative Team

Beowulf Boritt

Scenic & Projection Design

Jennifer Caprio

Costume Design

Clifton Taylor

Lighting Design

Broken Chord

Sound Design

Caite Hevner

Projection Design

Pamela Prather

Dialect Coach

Brandon Weinbrenner

Assistant Director

Rebecca R.D. Hamlin

Assistant Stage Manager

The Cast


Adam A. Anderson

as Stokely Carmichael; David Dennis; MFDP Leader; James Chaney; Witness #3


Michael Brusasco

as Rep. James Corman; Tailor; Gov. George Wallace; Sen. Mike Mansfield; Walter Reuther; King of Norway


Kieran Connolly

as J. Edgar Hoover; Reporter; Sen. Robert Byrd


Michelle Elaine

as Coretta Scott King; Mourner; MFDP Activist; Fannie Lou Hamer; Beautiful Woman


Hassan El-Amin

as James Harrison; Roy Wilkins; Shoeshiner; Mourner; MFDP Activist; Aaron Henry


Chamblee Ferguson

as Sen. Hubert Humphrey; Sen. Strom Thurmond; FBI Agent


Shawn Hamilton

as Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.


Paul Hope

as Rep. Howard Smith; Cartha DeLoach; Sen. Everett Dirksen; Gov. Carl Sanders; Vice Squad; Deputy Price


Chris Hutchison

as Robert McNamara; Sen. James Eastland; Rep. William Moore McCulloch; Barber; Governor Paul B. Johnson


Alex Organ

as Stanley Levison; Rep. John McCormack; Andrew Goodman; Seymore Trammell; Rev. Edwin King


Brandon Potter

as President Lyndon Baines Johnson


David Rainey

as Rev. Ralph Abernathy; Butler; Mourner; MFDP Activist; Witness #2


Leah Spillman

as Lady Bird Johnson; Katharine Graham; Rep. Katharine St. George


John Tyson

as Sen. Richard Russell; Rep. Emanuel Celler; FBI Agent; Vice Squad


Steven Michael Walters

as Walter Jenkins; Rep. William Colmer