An Enemy of the People

April 30 – May 23, 2021

  • By Henrik Ibsen

  • Translated from the Norwegian by Paul Walsh

  • Directed by Rob Melrose

  • Full Length Classic 


What does it mean to be a Public Enemy? Dr. Stockman wants to keep his community safe by shutting down the town’s economy while making the necessary changes in the poisoned water supply to make sure it is safe. His brother, the mayor, fights with all his might to keep the economy open despite the health risks. According to him, the time and money to make the water supply safe would ruin the economy and bankrupt the town. Does this sound familiar? Alley Resident Acting Company members David Rainey and Todd Waite star as the battling brothers in this fight for the soul of the city. Join us for Ibsen’s particularly timely classic.  



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