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Dry Powder

January 20 - February 12, 2017

  • by Sarah Burgess

  • Directed by Taibi Magar

  • contains explicit language and adult content.

  • Hubbard Theatre

  • The run time is approximately 93 minutes, without an intermission.


The same week his private equity firm forced massive layoffs at a national grocery chain, Rick threw himself an extravagant engagement party, setting off a publicity nightmare. Fortunately, Seth, one of Rick’s partners, has a win-win deal to invest in an American-made luggage company for a song and rescue his boss from a PR disaster. But Jenny, Seth’s counterpart, has an entirely different plan: to squeeze every last penny out of the company, no matter the consequences. The game is on in Sarah Burgess’ gripping, razor-sharp new play about the price of success and the real cost of getting the deal done.


Creative Team

Kevin Rigdon

Scenic Design

Tilly Grimes

Costume Design

Bradley King

Lighting Design

Broken Chord

Sound Design

Brandon Weinbrenner

Assistant Director

Rebecca R.D. Hamlin

Stage Manager

Christa Bean

Assistant Stage Manager

Taibi Magar


Sarah Burgess


The Cast


Chris Hutchison

as Jeff Schrader