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January 28, 2018

  • By Laura Jacqmin

  • Directed by Monty Cole

  • Neuhaus Theatre

  • Alley All New Festival Reading

  • For mature audiences.

  • The run time is approximately 2 hours, including one intermission.


When the milestone date on their new video game is suddenly moved up – the week before Thanksgiving – a diverse team of game developers must camp out at the office for seven days straight, crunching to meet an impossible deadline. Exhaustion sets in, tempers flare and modern day work place grievances rise to the surface in this timely new drama with both humor and heart. Jacqmin has written for the theatre (winner of the 2008 Wasserstein Prize), television (Get Shorty and Grace and Frankie) and video games (The Walking Dead, Season 3 and Minecraft: Story Mode). 

Sunday, January 28 at 10:00 AM

Creative Team

Laura Jacqmin


Monty Cole


Debs Ramser

Stage Manager

The Cast


Mara McGhee

as Stage Directions