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For Steve Wozniak, on His 67th Birthday

April 9 – July 4, 2021

  • By Jiehae Park

  • Directed by Mekeva McNeil

  • Short Play – Alley All New Alumni 

  • Run Time: 21 minutes


Meet Steve. And Steve. And Steve. One turns 67 today. One is dead. Two are famous. A play for three women from the singular mind of Jiehae Park, author of The Aves (Alley All New Festival 2020).

Watch the video interview of playwright Jiehae Park and two cast members, Jessica Jain and Mai Le with Alley Theatre Associate Producer & Casting Director Brandon Weinbrenner.

Before you watch the performance, the program provides cast bios, sponsor backgrounds, and further reading. Read.


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Associate Producers

Creative Team

Jiehae Park


Michael Locher

Scenic Design

Kim Cook

Costume Design

Kevin Rigdon

Lighting Design

Pierre Dupree

Sound Design

Victoria Beauray Sagady

Director of Photography and Editor

Emily Bohannan

Assistant Director

Rebecca R.D. Hamlin

Assistant Director

The Cast


Jessica Jain

as Narrator


Michelle Elaine

as Steve 1


Patricia Duran

as Steve 2


Mai Le

as Steve 3