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June 4 – July 4, 2021

  • By August Strindberg

  • Translated and Directed by Rob Melrose

  • Short Play – New Translation of a Classic


Two archeologists marvel over a chest of gold artifacts one of them has found. Moral questions about what to do with this gold rise to the surface as troubling questions about the men’s criminal pasts are probed to their very depths. Strindberg was highly influenced by the work of Edgar Allen Poe while writing this play, especially Poe’s mesmerizing story The Cask of Amontillado (beautifully read by David Rainey in our Chills and Thrills Series). Alley Resident Acting Company Members Shawn Hamilton and Todd Waite shift from a pleasant conversation to battle for each other’s souls as they each try to grab the gold.

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Creative Team

Rob Melrose

Translator and Director

Michael Locher

Scenic Design

Erica Griese

Costume Design

Dan Jones

Lighting Design

Pierre Dupree

Sound Design and Sound Editor

Victoria Beauray Sagady

Director of Photography and Editor

Emily Bohannan

Assistant Director

Rebecca R.D. Hamlin

Assistant Director

The Cast


Todd Waite

as Mr. Y