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February 8 - March 10, 2019

  • By Eliza Clark

  • Directed by Judith Ivey

  • Neuhaus Theatre

  • Suitable for mature audiences.

  • #AlleyQuack

  • The run time is approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes, with no intermission.


Developed during the 2018 Alley All New Festival. Millions of women across America rely on Dr. Irving Baer and his daytime talk show to help them lose weight, manifest their destinies, and take their health into their own hands. Then, a take-down piece of journalism goes viral, leaving his career hanging in the balance, his marriage on the rocks, and his carefully maintained public persona in peril. In the frenzy of crisis management that follows, one thing becomes clear…if Irving Baer is going to fall from grace, he’s bringing everyone else with him. Eliza Clark’s hilarious new comedy exposes the shaky foundations of the wellness industry, the fleeting nature of 21st century fame, and the relationship between the powerful men who dole out advice and the women who are supposed to receive it with a smile.

Creative Team

Eliza Clark


Judith Ivey


Linda Buchanan

Scenic Design

Andrea Lauer

Costume Design

John Ambrosone

Lighting Design

David Remedios

Sound Design

Binder Casting

New York Casting

Rebecca R.D. Hamlin

Stage Manager

The Cast


Michelle Elaine

as River Thumbolt


Chris Hutchison

as Dr. Irving Baer


Julia Krohn

as Meredith Baer


Christina Liang

as Kelly Henning


Jay Sullivan

as Brock Silver