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A Pedestrian-based Live Art Theatrical Experience
Remote Houston

September 29 - November 18, 2016

  • By Rimini Protokoll

  • Concept, Script and Direction by Stefan Kaegi

  • Co-Director Jörg Karrenbauer

  • $39 Tickets

  • Evergreen Cemetery, 500 Altic Street
    Remote Houston begins in the East End neighborhood of Houston and ends in the Theater District.


Join a group of fifty people swarming out into the city on a guided audio tour that seems to follow you, as much you are following it.

Meet up, put on headphones, and your perspective changes—you are provided with a soundtrack to streets, parking garages, churches and backyards. A computer-generated voice sets you out on a trail through the city, guiding your group’s movements in real time. The performance reveals a “secret Houston,” continuing to places normally unseen, places where humans encounter their limits, places where crowds gather, Houston’s underground tunnel system, back alleyways, dark hallways, unseen areas of Houston, and common areas seen through a new lens. At times the group is given tasks—take the Metrorail, participate in or view the city through special binoculars. The experience will conclude in the Houston Theater District.

NOTE: Remote Houston is a live art theatrical experience that includes walking and visual targets throughout Houston. Participants should be able to navigate stairs and unpaved/uneven ground conditions. Wear appropriate clothing and footwear; bring a water bottle if desired. Please review What You Should Know for detailed instructions. For a map of the starting location at Evergreen Cemetery, click here


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Creative Team

Nikolas Neecke

Sound Design

Ilona Marti

Director's Assistance and Sound Editing