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The Odyssey

March 24 - April 16, 2023

  • By Derek Walcott

  • Directed by Christopher Windom

  • Neuhaus Theatre



With rich Caribbean tones of his island home, Derek Walcott (winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature) adapts the ancient story of Odysseus, the soldier-king who spends 10 adventurous years making his way home from the Trojan War. Interspersing the story with a commentary by the blind singer Billy Blue adds richness and a musical lilt to the classic tale. While Odysseus’ loving wife Penelope stays chaste in Ithaca, fending off suitors ready to take the throne, Odysseus and his crew face shipwrecks, wrathful gods, sirens, monsters, incarceration, mermaids, a side trip to hell, and absolutely foul weather.


This ancient classic contains Violence and Sexual Situations in depicting the epic misadventures of Odysseus as he spends ten years trying to return home from war. To learn more about the content of this show, please click here for our content advisory page.


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