Celebrate Black History Month with Resonance of Time: A Journey into Black Resilience

As we step into Black History Month, Alley Theatre and the historic DeLuxe Theatre are teaming up to bring you a powerful production. Resonance of Time celebrates the resilience, struggles, and triumphs of Black communities. This collaboration is more than a play; it’s about honoring a crucial chapter of Black history and culture that resonates deeply with the heart and soul of Houston’s vibrant black community.

Resonance of Time is an immersive journey through the historical significance of The Negro Motorist Green Book. This production pays homage to the beacon of hope and safety that the Green Book represented for African Americans during the dangerous era of segregation and discrimination. Spearheaded by Victor Green, this guidebook was a lifeline for Black travelers, offering safe havens through the treacherous landscape of Jim Crow America.

Originally staged at the Holocaust Museum of Houston as part of the museum’s captivating exhibition from September to November 2023, Resonance of Time made its mark in a setting deeply connected to the historical narrative it portrays. The exhibition vividly recreated the essence of the Green Book journey, illustrating how the quest for safety profoundly shaped Black culture’s preservation, resilience, and future.

Photos from our previous staging of Resonance of Time at the Holocaust Museum of Houston

Now, Resonance of Time returns to the heart of Houston’s Black community with a special performance at the iconic DeLuxe Theatre in the Fifth Ward. This homecoming marks a significant moment in the theater’s history, symbolizing the enduring spirit of resilience and renewal that defines the neighborhood.

The journey depicted in Resonance of Time takes us from Harlem, New York, to South Central Los Angeles, mirroring the real-life experiences of countless Black travelers who navigated the perils of segregation and discrimination. Through powerful storytelling, poetry, and musical performances, the play captures the essence of resilience and resistance that defined Black travel in the early to mid-20th century.

But Resonance of Time is more than just a theatrical experience; it’s a platform for dialogue and reflection. Following the performance, a panel discussion led by community leaders and historians will delve deeper into the significance of the Green Book era and its impact on Black culture and identity. It’s an opportunity to engage with history, share stories, and celebrate the indomitable spirit of Black resilience.

From jazz to step to hip hop, the musical performances in Resonance of Time reflect the diversity and vibrancy of Black culture. Featuring talented dancers from local studios and community groups, the production is a testament to the richness and creativity of Houston’s arts scene.

As we celebrate Black History Month, let us come together to honor the legacy of resilience and resistance that has shaped our community. Let us celebrate the stories of courage and triumph that have paved the way for future generations. And let us embrace the spirit of unity and solidarity that shines through in Resonance of Time.