Education & Community Engagement

Twelfth Night Student Matinee

2020/2021 student matinee season

DUE TO limitations for both schools and the alley in the 20/21 season, student matinees have been cancelled.
we are currently examining the feasibility and options for the 2021-22 school year. we WILL UPDATE THIS PAGE REGULARLY as more information becomes available.




Elena Valladolid-Rivera
ECE Sales & Marketing Associate

student matinee access programs (maps)

Student MAPs help you locate a new destination for your students! Through a MAPs journey, your students will emerge as more empathetic and tolerant citizens. 

All $12.50 Student Matinee tickets include:

•  Exclusive 10AM Performance
•  Talkback with the cast, crew, and creative team immediately following the performance
•  One free chaperone ticket for every 10 students
•, with classroom activities and dramaturgical resources to help you explore the play

go beyond the show with a MAPS JOURNEY

Alley Master Teaching Artists and Mainstage Actors can help your students explore the play and its themes in the classroom or at the Alley – before, after or during your visit. Create a more impactful experience for students by pairing a show with:

•  Preparatory or de-breif workshops that helps students personalize the themes
•  A peek inside our production facilities and witness where the magic is made
•  An Artist or Designer talk that unpacks the artistic process
•  or a combination of them all!