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Your theatre, your impact.

With your support, the Alley can continue the high caliber of productions you’ve come to know and love.

“The Stage Manager is the unseen artist that facilitates all the moving components and people necessary to make moments magical. A kind of magic that comes from being a part of a community, a community in which you, our loyal supporters, also play an essential role.  We need your contributions to perform our roles behind-the-scenes that bring the shows you love to the stage.”

-Becky Hamlin, Stage Manager

A gift of $5,000 helps:

  • Purchase a year’s worth of supplies for the costume shop, such as seam rippers, muslin for costume mock-ups, thread, zippers and elastics

A gift of $3,000 helps:

  • Purchase the steel framing and automation hardware needed to build trap doors and stage lifts for a production, such as A Midsummer Night’s Dream

A gift of $1,500 helps:

  • Cover the cost of the paint and brushes needed to paint the Neuhaus Theatre for the Alley All New Festival World Premiere of Syncing Ink

A gift of $1,000 helps:

  • Purchase the materials and fabric needed to build and upholster a custom piece of furniture, such as the white sofa in An Act of God
  • Cover the costs needed to construct a scenic element, such as the faux brick hanging wall in A View From the Bridge

A gift of $600 helps:

  • Purchase all the fabric netting, lace and natural hair needed to create a handcrafted, custom-made wig specifically for a Resident Acting Company Member
  • Cover the cost of the materials needed to create fog and haze effects for an entire run of A Christmas Carol.

A gift of $300 helps:

  • Purchase the mold-making supplies needed to build trick props, such as the breakaway iPhone screens in Dry Powder
  • Cover the cost for a year’s worth of stage management supplies for the actors, such as spike tape, hand sanitizer, tissues and cough drops

A gift of $150 helps:

  • Purchase a year’s worth of hairs pins and toupee tape needed to secure actors’ wigs and facial hair
  • Cover the cost of the moving light templates needed for the lighting effects in a production, such as A Midsummer Night’s Dream


“I started out on a six-week contract at the Alley Theatre, and that six weeks turned into 26 years!  In that time, I have worked in the costume shop as a stitcher, first hand, draper, designer, and assistant.  And every day I get to help create the magic that you, our loyal supporters, make possible on stage.”

-Michael Farris, Costume Shop Assistant


Fred Schoppe, Sound Engineer