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Spotlight on Francis Rios

Francis Rios

Meet Francis Rios, development officer, and newest addition to the Alley Theatre Development team. Francis has a passion for serving her community through nonprofit organizations, specifically the arts. Here is what she had to say in the hot seat.

Q. Where are you originally from?

A. I am a native Houstonian

Q. What inspired your love of theatre?

A. I participated in theatre high, which was an afterschool program that I was involved in here at the Alley. It was there that I discovered my passion for the theatre through scene work and explored playwriting. That is when and where I realized how much I love the theatre. I am so happy to be able to work for an organization that was so instrumental for me in my youth.

Q. What are your interests outside of theatre?

A. I love visual art, baking, and spending time with my kids.

Q. Tell us a couple of fun facts about yourself.

A. I am one of 10 kids, I like sports cars and horror movies, and I participated in the Miss Texas pageant when I was 17.

Join us in welcoming Francis to the team.