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Donor Spotlight: The Campagnas

Patty and Larry Campagna.

What does the Alley All New Festival and new work initiative mean to you as supporters of the Alley?
Patty:  We are fortunate to see great theater regularly in Houston. The Alley All New Festival allows audience members to collaborate in the creative process and to actively participate in the making of new plays. The Alley is uniquely sincere in the generous way it appreciates its patrons, and with the Festival, the Theatre and the artists openly invite us to be a part of new work in process. Audience feedback is essential to the brave writers presenting their ideas to a group of listeners for the first time. It is tremendous to be valued for our presence in the space where the work begins to breathe. Also, it's a thrill to watch things being born.

What about the Alley All New Festival surprised and pleased you the most?
Patty: We were delighted that the writers and directors were chosen with such care and that the Alley has been blessed by the appointment of Elizabeth Frankel as the director of new work. She has a quality of good taste that complements that of Gregory Boyd. 

Of all of the readings we attended, Bekah Brunstetter's The Cake left me quite undone in the best way. I found myself sobbing afterward. Faith Prince read lines of a character who challenged me to love her with understanding instead of indulging my usual political righteous indignation. It came as a relief to my heart to let go of frustrated anger at least for a blessed moment of empathetic peace. This, from a reading. Imagine the catharsis possible from a full production.

Larry: I really enjoyed watching the writers, directors, and actors interacting with each other and with the audience members between shows. The chance to sit and talk with them, and to hear them exchange ideas about their work and about how much they appreciate the Alley, was the most fun for me.

Larry, as an Advisory Board member and Chair of our Individual Giving Committee, what do you find most rewarding about being involved with the Alley?
Larry: I can’t begin to count the ways that Alley productions have enriched my life. I can never give back to the Alley as much as I’ve benefitted from being in the audience and on the Board.

Are there upcoming Alley Theatre performances you are both looking forward to?
Patty and Larry: We always look forward to whatever is playing next.