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Donor Spotlight: Mike Matejcek & Bryan Margo

Mike Matejcek & Bryan Margo.
Photo by Sam Ferrigno.

You’ve been Alley subscribers for seven seasons. What is it you enjoy most about attending the Alley?
One of the unexpected benefits of having a Resident Acting Company is that each show has a surprise or two when you get to see familiar actors in new roles.  We always look forward to seeing Melissa Pritchett and John Tyson given unique characters.  But every actor's stage entrance is a real treat, and it is a very talented family to see again and again.

What was it like to see an Alley Theatre production for the first time?
Boeing Boeing was the first one we saw together.  We were so impressed with the actors, the costumes, the set, and the theater building as a whole.  They had us in stitches throughout the performance, and we were hooked after that.  We became big fans of Josie de Guzman watching that production.  It turns out the comedies are often our favorites.

What inspired you to donate to the Annual Fund?
It really helps us feel like we are part of the Alley Theatre family, and we are proud to support the arts.  And the little extras (behind-the-scenes events, working rehearsals) are things we look forward to every season.  It's always been a pleasant experience interacting with the Alley staff, and it is evident how much the Alley means to them as well.

What do you enjoy most about our exclusive behind-the-scenes events for donors?
Having someone point out the extra little details in the sets, props, lighting, and costumes really highlights the level of thought that goes into every selection.  There are a lot of unsung heroes involved in each production, and the spotlight is on them at these events.  We also really enjoy the Q&A with the Resident Acting Company members.  They always have fascinating stories, and it's fun to interact with them on a personal level.