Support Us

Nora and Jose Duque

What inspired you to donate to the Alley?

The decision to donate was a simple one. We felt that making a contribution to help in the recent renovation was a great way to support the Alley continue its success for generations to come.

Why did you decide to make a seat donation specifically?

It was the perfect way to not only make a contribution, but to also leave our mark as a family in support of Houston’s Theatre District. We hope our children take notice and realize that in order to ensure the future of the organizations we value and cherish, such as the Alley Theatre, we must continue our support in any way possible.

What was it like to see a show at the Alley for the first time?

Charles Dicken's A Christmas Carol was the first show we enjoyed at the Alley. It was a fantastic production in an intimate stage setting, which brought a whole new meaning to "live theatre". The performers were superb which resulted in a magical experience.