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Donor Spotlight: Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo

As someone who handles corporate contributions, why is it important for Wells Fargo to support the arts?
The arts and artists are crucial parts of cultivating vibrant, successful communities. Art creates avenues for people to share experiences, to share emotions, and to share pieces of life. We want to support these important conversations across the diverse communities that make up Greater Houston.

What made Wells Fargo decide to make a generous contribution to the Alley’s Education and Community Engagement programs?
Community involvement is at the heart of Wells Fargo’s vision and values. We understand the important role arts organizations play in the success of our communities. We were impressed with the Alley Theatre’s Education and Community Engagement program’s innovative approach to strengthening students’ core competencies while introducing students to the power of the arts. From using theater to augment food chain concepts or to enrich a discussion on Earth’s processes to helping children explore issues like bullying and discrimination, the Alley's Education and Community Engagement programs help students learn in fun and engaging ways; allowing them to learn about these things in a less judgmental, but highly impactful way. We are proud to support the Alley as its education team works with teachers to share information using a format that greatly increases student knowledge retention.

What purposes would you like your gift to accomplish?
As Houston’s community bank, we’re invested in helping our city thrive and part of that begins with supporting the arts and education. We understand the importance of introducing new generations to the arts and we want to help students reach their greatest potential. The Alley Theater brings the arts to students across greater Houston and we are grateful for programs that marry these school subjects to enhance learning.

--Katharine W. Orton, Senior Vice President, Regional Manager, Wells Fargo Healthcare Financial Services and Alley Theatre Board Member