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Your Gift at Work: Alley Conservatory Student Gets Full Ride to College

We are thrilled to announce that one of our own Alley Conservatory students, Monet DeBose, has just been accepted and given a full ride to Bryn Mawr College in Pennsylvania. Monet attended Alley Conservatory on scholarship since she was in 9th grade. Monet’s scholarship was made possible by your gifts, for which we are most grateful. 

Monet DeBose rehearsing in Conservatory
Photo by Cressandra Thibadeaux

What was your biggest take-away about participating in the Alley Summer Conservatory?
My biggest take away from being a part of the Alley Conservatory is definitely having connections. Being a part of this organization exposed me to a lot of things that I would not have normally been exposed to if I would have just stayed doing plays at my church and my school. The Alley made it their priority to gets us in touch with professional actors, actresses and people in the professional world, so we could see what it's like to be in the theatrical business.

How it the experience affect your acting skills and perspective on theatre as an art form?
I definitely have gained a greater appreciation for the craft of acting. The coaches at the Alley teach you to fully let go of yourself and immerse yourself into the character you are creating. In training, you will experiment with different ways of creating a character and sometimes I often find myself people-watching, studying their habits and the way they walk through life. The Conservatory has also helped me be grounded when I am on stage. I have learned to just relax every part of my body with the different breathing and movement exercises that the teaching artists have taught.

Has participating in the Conservatory opened up new opportunities for you that you would have otherwise not had?
I have auditioned for plays and many casting directors have asked me numerous questions about my training with the Education Department. Telling them about my training puts this notion in their head that I am this amazing actress that can do anything, which is sometimes a struggle for me. However, casting directors know that I have a foundation that other people might not have, which prompts them to cast me for whatever production I am auditioning for.

What motivation began your journey in acting? And at what age did you develop a love for theatre (for example: because of a teacher or because your parents took you to see a play)?
I officially started acting when I was in 3rd grade with my best friend Jaida. We both were in a production called “The Freedom Quilt,” where I played Sojourner Truth and she played a young slave. At that time in my life, I did not know much about acting other than what I would see in movies and had experienced in my third-grade production but since I saw other kids my age doing it I thought, “why not give it a shot” and from that moment on I fell in love with theatre. This might sound cliché, but it was that one moment in the spotlight that caused me to become totally aware of my future theatrical endeavors. I would have never imagined that a small interest in acting in the third grade would change my life forever! Acting and theater has now become a part of my identity in which all of my future goals are shaped around and where my genuine motivation is harnessed.