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Forwarding their love of the arts

Over the years, Malcolm and I have become what you might call “arts junkies!” We love all the performing arts, with live theater maybe heading the list, for me at least. We were so proud when the Alley received the Tony for outstanding regional theater in 1996.

We have recently become enchanted with the Alley All New Festival. How exciting is it spending the better part of a weekend listening to readings and watching “All New” theatre pieces being presented for the first time? It’s like watching a baby animal being born, struggling to find its feet and then getting up and romping off into the meadow. As an example, we attended the reading of Rajiv Joseph’s Describe the Night at the 2017 Festival and then saw the world premiere in September 2018. We so enjoyed it, that I went to see it a second time and took friends who enjoyed it as well.

In our many travels, we always seek out whatever art experiences there are in the area we are visiting, be it on Broadway or Tanglewood Music Festival. But when we return home, we are always equally excited to attend the wonderful performances right here in our own backyard!