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Donor Advised Funds

Donating through a Donor Advised Fund (DAF) is an increasingly popular and effective way to support the Alley Theatre.

DAFs are vehicles for charitable giving that make it easy for individuals, families and businesses to dedicate funds to support their favorite nonprofit organization.

DAFs allow donors to make a gift of cash, stock or other long-term appreciated assets to a community foundation or financial institution that sponsors a donor-advised fund program, be eligible for an immediate tax deduction and can then recommend grants over time to any IRS-qualified public charity.

If you already have a DAF through an organization that participates in DAF Direct, you can recommend a gift to the Alley Theatre in the form embeded on this page. Simply enter the amount and click next to complete your recommendation.

What can Donor Advised Funds do for the Alley?

DAFs provide an easy, flexible, low-cost method of giving which supports our work both onstage and in the community. These gifts play an essential part in the expansion of our artistic programming, our investment in new works initiative Alley All New and our growing Applied Theatre at the Alley Education Program for Houston-area schools.

DAFs can be easily set up through a community foundation or your financial institution.  Please contact your local community foundation or financial advisor for specific advice about how to establish a DAF.

Main Advantages of Donor Advised Funds

Simplicity – Your community foundation or financial institution handles all record-keeping, disbursements and tax receipts.

Tax-efficiency– Contributions are tax-deductible and any investment growth in the DAF is tax-free. It is also easy to donate long term appreciated securities, eliminating capital gains taxes and allowing you to support multiple charities from one block of stock.

Flexibility — Timing of your tax deduction can be separate from your charitable decision making.

Family legacy – A DAF is a powerful way to build or continue a tradition of family philanthropy.

No start-up costs – There is no cost to establish a DAF. However, there are often minimum initial charitable contributions to establish the DAF (typically $5,000 or more).**

No transaction fees – Once approved, 100% of your recommended grant goes to your qualified public charity of choice.**

Privacy if desired – Donors may choose to remain anonymous to the grant recipient.

** Community Foundations and financial institutions that sponsor Donor Advised Fund programs generally assess an administrative fee on the assets in a DAF. These fees vary by sponsoring organization.

Contact Information

To learn more about making a gift to the Alley Theatre using a Donor Advised Fund,
please contact Haley Willis, Annual Fund Manager at
713.315.5413 or