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Graphic featuring the Meredith J Long Theatre Center

Since 1947, when Nina Vance first declared “Houston, This is Your Theatre”, Alley Theatre has been a cornerstone of Houston’s flourishing arts community and one of the largest professional nonprofit theatre companies outside of New York City.

Working out of a tiny studio on Main Street, Nina captured the imagination of a city and led a grassroots campaign to create a theatre that would embody the dynamic, cultural vitality of Houstonians and their love of the arts.  Since then, the Alley has been awarded the Tony Award for Outstanding Regional theatre, the Pulitzer Prize for one of its premieres, and the Texas Medal of Arts Award.

After Hurricane Harvey in 2017, the Board of Directors approved a capital/endowment campaign entitled the Vision for the Future Campaign. The quiet phase of the campaign was rolled out in 2018 and passed during the pandemic. After the pandemic, the quiet phase continued until our public phase began on June 24, 2024.

In 2022, Alley Theatre received its largest contribution in its history in the form of a $25 million challenge grant from the Meredith J. Long family. Meredith served as Chairman and later Chairman Emeritus of the Alley Theatre Board for 31 years beginning in 1989.

Nina Vance

Nina Vance

Cornelia and Meredith J. Long

Cornelia and Meredith J. Long

When this gift is matched, it will successfully conclude the Alley’s $80 Million Vision for the Future Campaign. It will meet its objectives of doubling the size of its Endowment, pay off all the losses not covered by insurance from Hurricane Harvey, provide a 10-year investment into the Artistic Investment Fund to ensure the national quality of the artistic product, and provide cash and operating reserves.


Alley Theatre Endowment

To double the current endowment to provide enhanced operating support.

Artistic Investment Fund

To ensure the Alley’s national status as one of America’s flagship theatres through innovative work using new technologies, producing plays of scale with large casts, and by being an incubator for and producer of new plays.

Hurricane Harvey Recovery Fund

To cover the $20 million Hurricane Harvey loss and mitigation expenses to protect the building from future flooding.

Capital and Operations Reserve Funds

To create a $5 million building fund to be used for equipment purchase, care, and repair of the buildings and create a $5 million opportunity reserve for cash flow and emergencies.


To more than double the current endowment to provide enhanced operating support



Todd Waite as Sherlock Holmes, Melissa Molano and Dylan Godwin in Servant of Two Masters, Lend Me a Soprano


At the heart of this campaign is the Alley Endowment Fund which serves to fund the Alley’s Resident Acting Company, maintain the extraordinary quality of productions, promote and premiere original and new works, and maintain community-wide access to the plays.

A healthy endowment is crucial to the Alley’s long-term viability.

A very important consideration for the Alley is that it is the only Houston Theatre District institution that owns its own building. That means that the Alley has borne the total cost of the Theatre’s operations, maintenance, and renovation as well as damages from Tropical Storm Allison and Hurricane Harvey. The endowment will not only support the artistic mission of the theatre but also provide ongoing funds to operate the Meredith J. Long Theatre Center.


Photos: Todd Waite in Sherlock Holmes and The Case of The Jersey Lily, The Cast of The Servant of Two Masters, Mia Pinero and Ellen Harvey in Ken Ludwig’s Lend Me A Soprano