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A planned gift is an investment in Alley Theatre for the benefit of future generations. Your gift will be added to institution’s endowment as permanent capital for the Theatre, thus helping to secure the Alley’s long-term financial health and its continued artistic prestige.

In addition, you have the option to designate your planned gift for a particular program or category of theatrical works that have special significance for you. Alley Theatre has established nine endowed funds which range from the creation of new work, production of classical theatre, production of American classics, production of musical theatre, technological development and education funds. The list of the nine funds and a brief description of each are available upon request.

For more information, please contact Alley Theatre Development Department at or 713.315.3371.


The Alley chooses to honor those individuals who remember us with a bequest in their wills with membership in The Nina Vance Legacy Society. The Society is named in honor of the Alley’s founder, Nina Vance, who is considered a pioneer in the American regional theatre movement. We applaud Ms. Vance’s vision as well as the foresight of our Legacy Society members who value the Alley and want to secure this vision for future generations.


Anonymous (6)
Dr. and Mrs. George Abdo
Sandy and Russ Andorka
Dian Austin and Sandy Altman
Estate of William Guy Barrow+
Joelle Berlat
Stephen Bishop
Andrew Bowen and Efraín Corzo
Janice Kraus Brisack+
Gerald T. Burgess Trust+
Patricia and Larry A. Campagna
Estate of Nan Coffman+
Christy and Lou Cushman
Kim and Richard Diaz
Ellena P. Dickerson
Joyce and Trey Evans
Estate of Frank R. Eyler+
John Eymann
Helen Hudspeth Flores+
Nancy D. Giles
Dean R. Gladden
Estate of Tarrant Hancock+
Ann Hayes Hasselmo
Estate of Dorothy Cooke Hayes+
Estate of Patricia Peckinpaugh Hubbard+
Greg Ingram
Mr. and Mrs. Raul Irizarry
Valeria A. Jalufka
Josephine and Phil John
Charlotte Harrison Jones
Barbara and Raymond Kalmans

Kathryn and Jim+ Ketelsen
Beth and Britt Langford
Carol and Michael Linn
Cindy Macias
Nancy and Rob+ Martin
Jackie and Malcolm Mazow, MD
John and Leslie Niemand
Kathy and John Orton
Mr. & Mrs. Edmund and Megan Pantuliano
Jerre Paseur
Estate of Howard Pieper+
Sue Pilko
Don Poole
Debbie Quinn-Magid
Ellen and Edward+ Randall III
Martin P. Rappaport, M.D.+ and Bethany A. Rappaport, R.N., MSN, GNP
Shirley and Don+ Rose
Kay Ross
Estate of James K. Schooler+
Mark S. Seavers
Robert and Sarah Shaw
Nancy B. Shelby in memory of Charles M. Macko+
Andrew Smith and Brian Savard
Susan Snider Osterberg
Estate of Marsha Harris Solomon+
Alton and Carolyn Warren
Jesse Weir and Robert Ayala+
Michael Weller
Shari and Gary Winston
Mary Kay Wittrock
Karen and Gerald Woolf
Cecily+ and Jim Young

+In Remembrance