Artistic Director’s Reflections

Artistic Director Rob Melrose in The Nerd at Princeton Summer Theatre in 1990.

The Nerd
was the first show I ever saw on Broadway. I remember laughing so hard that I had to hold back my laughter so that I could hear the next line. It is so funny and I’m happy that it has now become an American comedy classic – certainly one of the best comedies written in my lifetime. Sadly, Larry Shue died way too early and left us only two plays (the other is The Foreigner). I’m grateful for the two we have and love the fact that we can now celebrate him as one of our best comedic writers.

The Nerd
is also the very first show I ever programmed as an Artistic Director. In 1990, my wife (then girlfriend) Paige Rogers and I ran the Princeton Summer Theatre between my sophomore and junior years in college. I directed Paige in Twelfth Night, but first she directed me as Rick Steadman (the nerd) in The Nerd. I think there are still photos of me floating around in it – keep your eyes peeled. Now Paige and I have been married for 30 years, and we have spent decades quoting The Nerd. There are so many memorable lines. Our personal favorite: “Come on apple cord!” We say it whenever one of us is impatient!

I hope you enjoy The Nerd and that Larry Shue’s hilarious lines stick with you and your families for decades too!
Rob Melrose

The Nerd begins performances February 23 through March 3. Get your tickets now!