Managing Director’s Reflections

It is fascinating to reflect on the evolution of photography and its transformative impact on how we document and perceive our lives. From the earliest recorded photo by Joseph Nicéphore Niépce in 1826 (below) to the invention of the first instant camera, the model 95 Land Camera, by Edwin Land in 1948, and the revolutionary introduction of the iPhone in 2007, the way we capture and share moments has undergone significant changes.

The transition from film to digital photography, coupled with the integration of cameras into our smartphones, has made photography more accessible to the global population. Every aspect of daily life is now recorded by 6.84 billion smartphones around the world. To put that in perspective, this figure accounts for 85% of the global population, who have the ability to capture and share their daily lives through video and images. 

Pictures from Home highlights the power of visual storytelling in conveying the dynamics of family relationships. This play explores the universal theme of family bonds and the continuous effort to understand and strengthen connections between parents and children throughout life.

As we embark on a new calendar year, the sentiment resonates—may the insights gained from such visual narratives contribute to fostering stronger and more meaningful relationships with our loved ones. The ability to document and reflect on our lives through photography and videos provides a unique opportunity for introspection and connection with others.

Enjoy the show,