Pictures from Home Comes Back Home

Pictures from Home marks a significant milestone for the Alley. The play began with the initial stages of development in the Alley All New Festival in 2020. Originally envisioned and nurtured within the Alley’s creative embrace, Pictures from Home captivated audiences in the reading. Audiences loved the reading’s blend of humor and reflections on the dynamics between an adult son and his aging parents. The enthusiastic response from the reading propelled the play toward a future on the Hubbard Theatre stage.

However, the onset of the pandemic disrupted the Alley’s immediate plans for this production. Yet, the silver lining emerged as Pictures from Home found a new chapter on Broadway with producer Jeffrey Richards. The Broadway production had a stellar cast featuring Nathan Lane, Zoë Wannamaker, and Danny Burstein in February 2023.

Zachary Fine and Susan Koozin in Pictures From Home

With playwright Sharr White’s commitment to the Alley, he expressed his desire for the Alley to present the first production after its Broadway triumph. This opportunity allows Alley audiences to see a unique rendition of Pictures from Home, offering a perspective and experience distinct from its Broadway counterpart.

“We are thrilled to bring Pictures from Home back to Houston. This homecoming is not just about a play returning; it is about the culmination of a journey, a story that started here, resonated on Broadway, and now finds its way to Houston,” shared Alley Artistic Director Rob Melrose. “The Alley’s audiences will witness a unique and different production from the Broadway rendition. We couldn’t be more excited to share this special experience with them.”

Todd Waite and Zachary Fine in Pictures From Home

Pictures from Home promises to captivate and resonate anew, offering Alley audiences an exclusive glimpse into a narrative that has journeyed across stages, ultimately finding its true essence on the stage at Alley Theatre.

Pictures from Home runs until February 11. Get your tickets here!