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What you should know about Alley Theatre AFTER you buy a ticket and before you arrive!

What time should I arrive?

Plan to arrive 30 to 45 minutes before your performance, because you may not be able to enter late.

If you are seeing a show in the Hubbard Theatre

  • You may not be seated if you arrive late. We try to seat you in the back of your house, which will not be the seat that you purchased. If we cannot seat you in the back of the house, you will have to watch the show from a monitor in the lobby.
  • If you leave your seat during the performance, you must wait until intermission or the end of the show to re-enter. This is because the theatre blacks out during the show on both the stage and seating areas and it is not safe to make your way down to your seat in the dark.

If you are seeing a show in the Neuhaus Theatre

  • When you enter this theatre you are on the stage floor, therefore there is absolutely no late seating. If you arrive late, you can watch the show from a monitor in the lobby.
  • If you leave your seat during the performance, you cannot re-enter and must watch the show from the monitor in the lobby.


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What should I wear?

Dress for the theatre the way you would for a dinner out.

You should be prepared to remove your hat so you’re not blocking the view of the people seated behind you. The theatre may be cooler than you expect, so consider bringing a jacket or sweater.

What should I bring?

  • Bring your cell phone to take photos in our lobby, on our balcony, or in your seats before the show begins. Photos and recordings of the show are strictly prohibited, and we ask everyone to turn off cell phones during the performance.
  • Please do not bring food or drinks, luggage or backpacks, or guns.
  • You should bring your tickets (the tickets that were mailed to you, a print out of the PDF that was sent via email to you, or pull up the PDF that was emailed to you). If you can’t find this or don’t have it, stop off at the box office lobby and we’ll reprint them.

What can I do before the show begins?

The lobby opens an hour before, and the house opens 30 minutes before your performance.  In the lobby, you can:

  • Explore the lobby displays
  • Have a drink and a snack (our lobby bars do not have meals)
  • Stop at the restroom
  • Check out the view from our outside balcony
  • Find your seats
  • Skim through Playbill (our program).
  • Order a drink before the show that will be waiting for you at intermission.

What can I expect during the show?

Live theatre rules differ from movie theater rules.

  • Food and drinks must be consumed in our lobby or outside on the balcony.
  • Turn off your phone and do not answer it during the show. The actors can hear your phone and you, and the distraction can be dangerous and affect the performance.  And, every audience member around you can hear you and that affects their enjoyment of the show.
  • Remember that actors are live, so just as you can hear them, they can hear you! Therefore, don’t have conversations during the show.  If you hear something funny, please laugh!  Actors always appreciate laughs and applause.
  • Based on the theatre, there may be no late seating (see the first question above).
  • Many of our performances have an intermission, which you will be told about when your ticket is scanned at the entrance.
  • Some of our shows have smoking, flashing lights, loud noises, gun shots. Signs outside the theatre will tell you about these warning.
  • Some of our shows have other advisories about the content of our shows. You can read about these here.

What can I expect after the show?

Our lobby bars are usually closed after the performance and our lobby closes about 15 minutes after the performance ends. We encourage you to post-selfies and share your experience at the Alley with your friends and family.