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To help our guests better plan for their trip to the theatre, the following distances are provided:

  • The Box Office is located on the street level facing Texas Avenue.
  • Alley Theatre garage elevator to box office lobby elevator: 160 feet, inclined up, no curb
  • Box Office to theatre elevators: 25 feet
  • Elevator to Hubbard Theatre, Section 2 lift: 175 feet
  • Section 2 lift to Section 2, Row E: 20 feet
  • Elevator to Hubbard Theatre, Section 4 lift: 190 feet
  • Section 4 lift to Section 4, Row E: 20 feet
  • Rows M and E are the only rows accessible in the theatre without the need to take steps.
  • Elevator to inside the Neuhaus: 80 feet There is a slight rise from the ticket scanning checkpoint to the theatre.

Both theaters have wheelchair- and scooter-accessible seating where guests can remain in their wheelchairs or transfer to theater seats. If you cannot or do not wish to transfer from your wheelchair to a theater seat, please request wheelchair-accessible locations when ordering tickets.

Accessible seating is available online, by phone, or in person. To help us better serve your seating needs, we recommend that you purchase your tickets as much in advance as possible.

Hubbard Theatre

Wheelchair Accessible Seating:

The newly renovated Hubbard Theatre has eight wheelchair dedicated seats, each with a dedicated companion seat: four seats are in Section 3, Row M and an additional two seats in both Sections 2 & 4, Row E. There are an additional eight seats (with adjustable armrests) for transfer only or plus size accommodation.

Wheelchair Accessible Restrooms:

Extra wheelchair accessible restrooms for men, women, and families have been installed in the Long Lobby.

Wheelchair Lifts:

New passenger operated lifts have been installed to access the side sections. Please note that Rows M and E are the only rows accessible in the theatre without the need to take steps.

Neuhaus Theatre

Wheelchair Accessible Seating:

Every seat on Row A can be converted into a wheelchair accessible seat. If you need this accommodation, please contact our Guest Services or Front of House team before you arrive so that we can prepare the seats for you.

Wheelchair Accessible Restrooms:

A wheelchair accessible stall is available in each gender’s main restroom. A family/companion restroom is adjacent to the women’s restroom.



An accessible drop off zone is located in the AlleyWay off Texas Avenue. ADA entrances may be accessed via the AlleyWay entering from Prairie.

Alley Theatre Garage

Designated spaces can be found on Level 11, 12 & 13. All garage floors have an accessible ramp to the elevators on one side and steps on the other.

To access the Hubbard Theatre:

When parking in the Alley Theatre garage, press “G” in the elevator for the ground level. Exit through the glass doors and turn right to the AlleyWay. The entrance to the lobby is on your left, approximately 160 feet ahead, inclined up, with no curb.

To access the Neuhaus Theatre:

The Neuhaus Theatre can be accessed without the addition of stairs, through level “G” in the elevator for the ground level. Taking the Alley Theatre Garage elevator to the basement level requires the ascent of eight steps to reach he Neuhaus Theatre.

Theater District Underground Parking

Designated spaces can be found on Level 1, Aisle B. Additional spaces are designated on Level 2. Take the elevator to level P1 to access Alley Theatre.

You may enter the Alley Theatre directly from the tunnel into the Neuhaus Theatre lobby or take the elevator to the Lobby or Hubbard Theatre.

Note: The 130-foot tunnel route does include incline and descent grade changes which may prove challenging for non-motorized wheelchairs or those on foot.



For each production, we offer designated show times with American Sign Language (ASL) Interpretation. To ensure your seats are in the ASL Interpretation sight line, please follow these instructions:


For Hubbard Theatre productions, we offer designated performances that include additional descriptions of set designs, costumes, and other visual elements through headsets. These listening devices are free of charge with the deposit of a photo ID.

For more information, please contact Guest Services at (713) 220-5700 or


For each production, we offer designated showtimes with captioning via a digital display screen. To ensure your seats are in the captioning sight line, please call Guest Services at (713) 220-5700.


Assisted Listening Devices: Easy-to-wear headsets provide clear, amplified sound in both the Hubbard and Neuhaus Theatres. These listening devices are available free of charge with the deposit of a photo ID.

Induction Loop Hearing System: The Hubbard Theatre induction loop system turns every Telecoil-equipped hearing aid and cochlear implant into a personalized listening device connected directly to the theatre’s sound system. Best of all, a hearing loop system, unlike other personalized listening devices, takes advantage of the customized settings of the listener’s own hearing aid or cochlear implant.

*Please note our system is not compatible with Bluetooth Hearing aids.


We continue to expand access to theatre to our Houston Hispanic community. We will have performances with simultaneous Spanish translations during American MariachiA Christmas Carol, and Dial M for Murder. Select your seats and immerse yourself in the story using a headset device.

Seguimos expandiendo el acceso al teatro a nuestra comunidad Hispana de Houston. Tendremos funciones con traducciones simultaneas en español durante American MariachiA Christmas Carol, y Dial M for Murder. Conoce estas conmovedoras historia en tu idioma utilizando un dispositivo con auriculares desde cualquier asiento.

  • Dial M for Murder: Tuesday, June 4, 7:30 PM

To view an electronic version of the playbill please click here and visit the page for the production you are interested in.