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About Us


James Black, Interim Artistic Director
Dean R. Gladden, Managing Director


Kevin Rigdon, Associate Director/Design
Brandon Weinbrenner, Artistic Associate 
Elizabeth Frankel, Director of New Work  
Brandy Carie, Literary Assistant
Steffanie Alter, Script Reader
Ryan Dumas, Script Reader
Sam Ferrigno, Script Reader
Jesse Jou, Script Reader
Alexa Kelly, Script Reader
Sam Mayer, Script Reader
Sean Moses, Script Reader
Marley Foster, Script Reader


Ten Eyck Swackhamer, General Manager  
Elle Aghabala, Associate General Manager
Bree Welch, Company Mananger
Clemencia "Clem" Hernandez, Executive Assistant and Board Liaison
Michael Bell, Information Technology Manager   
Richard Jackson, Database Administrator
Cameron Bahrami, Desktop Support and Jr. Systems Administrator


Don Poole, Director of Finance
Kay Ross, Controller
Stanley DeWitt Irish, Payroll/Benefits Associate
Iris Hutchison, Accounts Payable Associate


Nancy Giles, Director of Development
Tineke Franck, Director of Individual Giving
Kristine Rizzo, Director of Special Events
Kathryn Z. Straw, Director of Institutional Giving
Mary Kay Wittrock, Director of Planned Giving
Bernadette Frazier, Development Writer
Lena Khattab, Donor Relations Manager
Lena Streetman, Research Analyst
Haley Willis, Annual Fund Manager
Katherine Cunningham, Institutional Giving Associate
Sam Ferrigno, Individual Giving Associate 
Joseph Roberts, Development Associate
Emma Russell, Development Associate

Education and Community Engagement

Mary Sutton, Director of Education & Community Engagement
Cathy Bencivenga, Executive Manager of Education & Community Engagement
Ally Oliphint, Staging STEM Coordinator
Jasmine Thomas, Staging STEM & AIN Manager
Esme LeJeune, School Programs Manager
Jenny Lamb, Teaching Artist and Curriculum Manager
Mara McGhee, Community Programs Coordinator
Rachel Wagner, Sales and Marketing Coordinator
David Kersnar, Resident Community Artist

Marketing and Communications

Rachel Applegate, Director of Communications and Marketing
Tina Berry, Director of Marketing
Whitney Spencer, Public Relations & Communications Manager
Francisco Delgado, Graphic Designer
Lauren Pelletier, Marketing Associate
Damon Price, Group Sales Manager
Jessica Williams, Group Sales Coordinator

Box Office

Tom O'Dell, Director of Audience Services
Ruthie Rodriguez, Box Office Manager
Marjorie Hayden, Shift Supervisor
Charlotte Weschler, Patron Services Manager 
Juan Flores, Ticket Service Assistant 
Shawna Hardy, Ticket Service Assistant
Joey Hayden, Ticket Service Assistant 
Jonathan Jefferson, Ticket Service Assistant
Carian Parker, Ticket Service Assistant
Nathan Wilson, Ticket Service Assistant

House Management

Susan Baird, Director of Front of House
Julie Rutter, Front of House Manager
Cissy Brown, House Manager 
Suzanne Burck, House Manager
Nancy Leon, Houston Manager
Bob Tyrell, House Manager
Deb Tyrell, House Manager
Frank Williams, House Manager

Stage Management

Emily Bohannan, AEA Stage Manager
Rachel Dooley-Harris, AEA Stage Manager
Kristen Larson,  AEA Stage Manager
Katie L. Creeggan, SM Associate
Jordan Kruis, SM Associate


Raymond Inkel, Production Manager
Lindsay Cook, Associate Production Manager
Gitiim Chakamoi, Production Office Manager


Aaron Wilson, Technical Director 
Will Leonard, Associate Technical Director
Paul Anton, Assistant Technical Director
Yancy Cooper, Scene Shop Operations Manager/Buyer
Kyle Bodiford, Master Carpenter
Paul Zappone, Lead Carpenter
Michelle Fullerton, Charge Scenic Artist
Lee Barker, Carpenter 
Marcos Everstijn, Carpenter
Guy Herman, Carpenter
Francisco Robledo, Scenic Artist 
Eric Breikjern, Stage Supervisor
Nicolas Custer, Assistant Stage Supervisor 


Karin Rabe Vance, Properties Master
Eric C. Brown, Assistant Properties Master
Jessica Julian, Prop Shop Assistant/Master Artisan
Tomoko Yamaguchi, Properties Carpenter
Sarah Powell, Artisan Buyer
Travis Nelson, Properties Artisan


Pierre Dupree, Sound Supervisor
Bradley Jay Gowers, Lead Sound Engineer
Fred Schoppe, Sound Engineer


Nancy Julian, Costume Shop Manager
Janice L. Lopez, Assistant Costume Shop Manager
Michael J. Farris, Shop Assistant/Stock Manager
Kim Cook, Design Assistant 
Erica Griese, Design Assistant
Jerome D. Schram, Tailor 
Sarah Rogers, Draper 
Sarah Barbour, First Hand 
Lynne Kesilis, First Hand
Brandy Karlsen, Wardrobe Supervisor
Chelsea O’Herron, Assistant Wardrobe Supervisor  
Ellen Danforth, Stitcher 
Aurora Kenyon, Stitcher
Frederic Burleigh, Crafts Master
Amy Solomon, Wig Master
Alison Hora, Wig Assistant
Nicholas Parrish, Wig Assistant


Andrew Vance, Lighting Supervisor
Dan Jones, Interim Master Electrician
Joe Engler, Assistant Master Electrician
JR Carson, Lightboard Operator/Electrician 
Merlin Howick, Lightboard Operator/Electrician
Jesus Pineda, Lightboard Operator/Electrician
Jacob Moriarty Stone, Lightboard Operator/Electrician


Dennis Draper, Director of Operations & Events
Daniel Naranjo, Chief Engineer
Patrick Glass, Stationary Engineer
Clarence Harris, Stationary Engineer 
Van Shannon, Stationary Engineer
Phillip Vacek, Stationary Engineer 
Karen Mata, Event Manager
Robert McMillan, Event Manager
Stephen Harris, Events and Operations Assistant
Greg Brown, Office Services Clerk
Lauren Muse, Bar Manager
Joel Reed Parker, Assistant Bar Manager

Michael Duran, Bartenders
Lauren Evans, Bartenders
Sophia Peretic, Bartenders
Patrick Mitchell, Reception