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Join us for the Alley’s 70th season filled with treasured classics, award-winning comedies, an international thriller and fantastic productions in our state-of-the-art theatre. Experience this truly innovative season at the Alley.

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Hip-Hop Theatre – Alley All New World Premiere

Syncing Ink

Now through March 5, 2017
Neuhaus Theatre

“Now what you hear is not a test/I’m rapping to the beat!” Gordon wants to learn how to rap, thinking it will gain him respect, admiration, and the attention of a beautiful woman. What he doesn’t know is that his journey to learn how to rhyme will take him not just deeper into Hip Hop, but deeper into his legacy and his purpose.

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International Sensation

Let The Right One IN

February 17 - March 19, 2017
Hubbard Theatre

This supernatural thriller is a brutal and tender vampire myth told through the turbulence of a coming-of-age romance.

Act of God

Smash Comedy

An Act of God

March 17 - April 16, 2017
Neuhaus Theatre

This is a sinfully funny and critically acclaimed new play where the Almighty and His devoted Angels answer some of the deepest questions that have plagued mankind since Creation.  

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A View from the Bridge

April 28 - May 21, 2017
Hubbard Theatre

This dark and passionate story centers on Eddie Carbone, a longshoreman by trade, who is confident of his place in the working-class Brooklyn neighborhood he calls home. That life changes when he agrees to harbor his immigrant cousins. A love affair exposes a dark family secret, and suspicion, jealousy and betrayal soon follow.  

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New Musical Comedy

Freaky Friday

June 2 - July 2, 2017
Hubbard Theatre

This new musical, based on the celebrated novel by Mary Rodgers and hit Walt Disney films, is a hilarious, contemporary update of an American classic that follows an overworked mother and teenage daughter on a wild journey after magically swapping bodies. 

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