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Black AT It will work to establish and build collaborative relationships, and to expand access for artistic engagement with all of Houston’s diverse organizations, agencies, and schools, to support, develop, and implement strategies to ensure Alley’s programs are delivered with cultural sensitivity and a commitment to inclusion. With a focus on creating enduring reciprocal relationships, concentrating on the local community’s needs to establish permeable give-and-take relationships with community leaders and members, as well as non-profits and community-based organizations serving those communities.

“Black at It,” will begin with the establishment of a steering committee that will serve the Black community of Houston. The committee will advise, steer, and help produce pieces of art that will impact community members. The committee will be activists for the community advocating to provide a safe space for artists to be heard and make change. Through the resources of Alley Theatre and beyond, the committee will serve the community in ways that ensure inclusivity and progress is being made for Black actors, designers, visual artists, audience members and organizations.

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Community Engagement and Inclusion Specialist

Black At It Community Partners