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Edward Albee’s


October 14 – November 13, 2022

  • Directed by Nathan Winkelstein

  • Neuhaus Theatre



From major American playwright and Alley favorite Edward Albee comes a Pulitzer Prize-winning play that tackles two of the playwright’s favorite subjects: marriage and what it means to be human. With his signature wit, Albee introduces a middle-aged couple, Nancy and Charlie, taking a stroll on a deserted beach. Facing retirement, they argue with comfortable familiarity about how to spend the rest of their lives. When a second couple, Sea Creatures Sarah and Leslie, arrives from the depths of the ocean, a pitched encounter, both surreal and profound, ensues. It seems that Sarah and Leslie are also at a turning point in their lives and they are also like no other couple Nancy and Charlie have ever met. A tender and often laugh-out-loud love story, told by way of an unusual marriage counseling session.


Seascape contains brief discussions of Sexual Situations and a short instance of Violence, as well as conversations about suicide and infidelity, as two couples discuss the nature of long-term relationships and of life. To learn more about the content of this show, please click here for our content advisory page.


Associate Producer

Creative Team

Edward Albee


Kevin Rigdon

Scenic Design

Nicole Wee

Costume Design

Izmir Ickbal

Lighting Design

Sharath Patel

Sound Design

Adam Noble

Fight Director & Intimacy Specialist

Jocelyn A. Thompson

Stage Manager

Kristen Larson

Assistant Stage Manager